Friday, May 09, 2008

Pot Pouri

John Edwards let slip that he voted for Obama and that he will soon endorse the person he voted for.

ABC News has announced that Obama has passed Clinton in the Super delegate count.

The final tally has Clinton winning Indiana by only 8 tenths of a percent, instead of the 2 percent previously announced...Maybe Rush did carry the state for her after all, because his effect was as tiny as her margin of victory.

Hillary looks like she is still trying to portray Obama as the "Black" candidate. Several people point out that this would be more of an outrage if she hadn't already lost and that she probably is doing more damage to herself, in the long run, than she is to Obama.

Paul Krugman turns out to only be nearly perfect. He seems to be telling the Obama camp to stop saying things that continue to divide the Democratic party along the lines of education and race. I have a one word answer to Saint Paul on that one...Huh? (see previous paragraph)

Krugman also says that economists who respond to the survey say that John McCain's economic policies would be better, and seems to waffle on whether he agrees. John McCain himself says he doesn't know crap about economics.

McCain's solution to the Trillions Bush has run up on the national credit card is to keep spending and give more tax cuts to rich people. Kinda makes me pine for the good old days when we were depending on "VooDoo Economics instead of...

Doo Doo economics!



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  1. It's soon going to dawn on others that now, only McCain stands in the way of a new and better America.

    The Bush/Clinton Dynasty, unless Obama makes his first major mistake and picks Hillary as VP, is finished.
    McCain, though not family, is as much a BushBot as anyone. But he's not evil, he's just stupid.

    By rising up, turning out, and fighting hard we are on the brink of finally being free of the Corporate Oligarchy that has imprisoned this country for decades now.

    We're almost there.

    No mercy on McCain.