Friday, May 30, 2008

Day before Saturday

A little arithmetic shows that Obama leads Clinton by 203 delegates as of this morning. She has 1781 and he has 1984 with 2025 needed to win, until things change tomorrow after the rules committee meeting, which I expect.

There are several scenarios, none of which look favorable to Hillary Clinton. She keeps claiming this is a close race but it's not anymore. Obama has run a masterful campaign, responding to attacks but remaining positive and honest, and now leads the delegate count, which is the ONLY thing that matters, by 52.6% to Hillary's 47.3%.

That's a very secure margin, and will stand regardless of the shameless hypocrisy and maneuverings of the Clinton campaign. It doesn't take much to realize that Hillary Clinton lost her bid to become the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party for two reasons...

First...Her campaign has been shoddily run from the beginning, squandering a quarter of a BILLION DOLLARS to the point that she had to inject her own money to save it.

Second...Aware of the distortions, intentionally misleading statements, and outright prevarications from Hillary herself, a majority of Democratic primary participants have chosen someone else and awarded their votes to Barack Obama whom they deem worthy of their support and the Presidency.




And Now for something completely different:

White House issues climate report under court order, 4 years late; confirms other findings

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