Thursday, May 22, 2008

PeeWee Herman Solution to the Gas Crisis?

"President Bush was in Saudi Arabia to mark 75 years of official relations with the royal family. And 40 years of officially being screwed royally by that family. Did you see the present the royal family gave President Bush? You see what it was? ... A Schwinn. A brand new Schwinn, yeah. That pretty much says it all, doesn't it? He goes over there looking for solutions to the energy crisis, they give him a bicycle." --Jay Leno

Makes sense to me. How about this one. Check this baby out:

Did you notice the keys sticking out of the tank? It's an electric hybrid bike. Pedal it or let the front hub mounted motor do the work. It has a top speed of 18 mph, depending on Rider weight and terrain, and a range of 60 miles. The battery unplugs from the bike and plugs into the wall and recharges completely in four hours.

Some of my associates were involved in research on these things several years back. I scoffed but they kept saying, "No, really! You have to try one."

Ok, I'm ready. Retail list price is $1800 bucks or better.

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  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    60 mile range, I'm jealous. I have a Giant Lite and the range is 20 miles - ideally. But it can get me around the Cades Cove loop without stopping and for that I am grateful. Mostly I use it for biking to town and to the garden. Very pleasant ride for a plump geezette such as myself. You're welcome to take it for a test drive next time you are in town. You know how to contact me.


    your cousin, Goose Creek.

    P.S. back to the Saudis -- so they are giving Bush an electric bike? If that's not a message about oil policy I don't know what is. Hmmmm... scary.