Monday, May 19, 2008

Come Together...Right Now... Over Me

Obama spent a little time with a few friends in Portland...Say, 70,000 of them. (Warning...One male's point of view)

I read the lament of Hillary loyalists about America wasting it's chance to elect a woman president, but, to my thinking, that's wrongheaded as it can be. I believe Hillary was judged on her merits and demerits as a candidate. It's not that we won't elect a woman, or that Hillary is not worthy of the Presidency...It's that we have a better choice.
Today will mark the end of the primary campaign, though it's been over numerically for some time. Obama (and Clinton, hopefully) will now completely retarget on, not just winning the Presidency, but a solid majority in both the House and Senate. Undoing the damage of that Bush Republicans have done to our Country will take a lot of work.
And think about this...Our Republican friends know that they messed up...And we should know that, although we can glue our Democracy back together without their help, It would be so much easier with everybody pulling in the same direction.
After today, we need to bring Democrats together...And as soon as we are united, we need to start working on the rest of our misguided friends and ask them to join us in rebuilding a fair country that puts its People first...
All of them.

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