Sunday, May 18, 2008

In the Zone...A Modest Proposal

"Firearms WILL NOT be allowed in Hall A during the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum."

That was the sign NRA members saw as they passed through the metal detectors. They were filing in to see and hear John McCain and they would have to give up their armament to do so. Lots of them had to be frightened, possibly overwhelmed by the feelings of insecurity. They had to give up their guns, and knives too, if they wanted to see John McCain.

Was that safe? Hey...What if one of the Secret Service people went crazy and started shooting?

More likely...What if McCain went crazy? He's done it before. Will they make sure he doesn't have a gun before they let HIM into the Hall?

The only people who could protect them would be the people who were, you know, trained to protect them.

Does the Second Amendment mean that the right to have a weapon is paramount? Is no other right defined in the Constitution as important? Does the right to "Keep and Bear Arms" mean that the Secret Service has no right to keep CC permit holders from carrying their weapon into the White House? The halls of Congress? Church? Little League baseball games?

Does the NRA propose that I or any other US Citizen with no criminal record or history of mental illness be allowed to carry a concealed weapon to a meeting with George W. Bush? If so, that clearly demonstrates that they are nuts...As in crazy.

If not, that clearly demonstrates that there are limits to the right to bear arms, just as there are to all other rights, even free speech. Perjury, libel, and slander laws clearly indicate this, since your speech may not consist of a damaging lie, in some cases. (Why not all cases? I don't understand why that would be bad?)

At any rate, none of us will get to freely exercise out second amendment rights around George W. Bush, because, frankly, you can't even exercise your First Amendment Rights around George W. Bush, and perhaps in that concept is the answer to this dilemma...

Constitutional Rights Zones.

We could establish Second Amendment Zones for the NRA. They could all have their guns and play with each other and watch their children play Little League games knowing everyone in the crowd was heavily armed.

This would give a new meaning to being "In the Zone" and possibly create a whole new series of reality shows as the rest of us watch from a safe distance...The cameras would have to be heavily armored with bullet proof glass in case there was a disputed Umpire call.

They would all feel so safe knowing they could start shooting the instant trouble arose inside their Second Amendment Zone. Yes, they would feel so safe...And as long as the bullet proof walls held up...

The rest of us could feel safe, too.



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  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    You are definitely on to something here, or should I say "in the zone".