Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Folks, I have no illusions that the result of this election will be reversed but it sure does smell funny. It's too early to make any definite statement and far more investigation is needed. Suffice it to say that if Bush wants any legitimacy to his legacy as President, he should call for a thorough investigation now! I suggest an independant party take possession of several of the machines themselves while this is researched. Maybe Sweden could do this for us? The data look very suspicious, unfortunately, and I don't like this. Just yesterday I was discussing this with a good friend. He asked why I didn't want to find out the election was rigged? I said that I would rather think we are collectively stupid, as a nation, as opposed to crooked! I want to tell and be told the truth. Since that word "truth" has been so perverted by the evangelical right, let me rephrase that and use "Fact" as my requisite. Checkable fact, like say a paper hard copy of the election balloting. This is the biggest single smoking gun in this election's results: In the precincts which have paper back up, the exit polls and the ballot counts MATCH!

There is no reason to not have a verifiable hard copy. Why did the Bush administration fight against this?

For you conspiracy buffs, here is a list of articles, major and minor, detailing what is known so far. They range from MSNBC saying things are "Very Fishy" to Greg Palast saying, "Kerry won, Bush stole it."


Bush's Cabinet will change if he holds on to power in his new term: New secretary of State? New Lap Dog?

Second Term Chatter: Barney May Be Replaced
British Prime Minister Tony Blair's name has come up.

Humor for the disenfranchised:




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