Thursday, November 04, 2004

November 4, 2004

Finally the winds are changing. A long hard rain lasted throughout our night, filling the watering ponds and making the creek loud and luring. Will Fall finally arrive? Half the trees are bare...the other half carry on with tired spotted leaves, but more green than not.

I drank my coffee and stared into the little pond that I jokingly call Lake Steve as it emerged from darkness this morning. Everything is metaphor, the dawn coming after the blacker night of the storm, the pond rising from toad puddle to fish pool, and my own thoughts about how close we all came to choosing the better course. I explained it to my son like this:

Think of a room with 100 people in it deciding between two options. It is so evenly divide that if only two people change their minds the outcome is completely reversed.

WE wound up on the side with less than 50 folks. Doesn't mean we were wrong, we just didn't play the game as well as we should have to win.

Now we must energize and fight issue by issue, against ideologues with no ears with which to listen to what we have to say.

We start now and plot our attack, sentry post by sentry post, until we win. It has taken the forces of greed sixty years to get in a position to destroy Social Security. Now these forces will attack first by making new names for the social safety net that make it sound bad to the shallow thinkers that voted them power.
will we wallow in self pity, wring our hands, and bemoan, or will we get tough?

We lost the big game in a squeaker at the end. Damn that's twice, now, even though we can legitimately blame the ref for the first one. What do we do? I'll tell what I think.

(You knew I was going to)

We look inside first. Did we train hard enough? Back to the weight room, up the intensity of the long run, Get ready to play each game during the season as preparation for the playoffs and championship.

Do we have the right players in the right position? Should Howard Dean or some similar attacker play forward as the Democratic National Chairman?

Look at the other teams best plays! We can beat them at each one if we play good team ball. Karl Rove won this election by making mountains out of molehills. The question of who should be able to marry whom does not even reach the level of the Butterfly effect as far as our future is concerned. Refusing to deal with global warming will destroy us. Forcing other people's children to pledge alliegence to the flag of a particular god, just pisses them off. Letting the Energy conglomerates continue to poison their air will kill them.

Facts will only kill a lie of the facts are heard. An Australian man by the name of Rupert Murdoch, has elected George Bush twice now. He is the conduit for the lies and half truths and the below the belt attacks of the cowards that will not have Press conferences. Murdoch puts Bill O'Reilly on the air to spew venom at his chosen targets of good and well meaning people, while O'Reilly sits on his male shaped mechanical toy. Dan Rather was crucified for being a hoax victim while Rush and Bill carry on blithely.

They only have the sex and drugs! We've got the Rock and Roll!

We have to hurt them here!

This will seem to be a difficult task until we stop and think that there are 49 of us and only 51 of them, and All 49 of us think for ourselves. Now let's just play team ball!

From now on, It's never the off season. Get off your butts and get busy! Step one is to sign up if you haven't already. Here's where you go:

For those who want to wallow in it just to get madder, try this one. It is a quote from 1937. They thought it was bad then, too. There is a moral at the end:

The Rude Pundit is disgusted. No insight today. That'll come later. Let's wallow for a day or two. Let's give the final words of anger to John Dos Passos who, in 1937 in The Big Money, wrote, "America our nation has been beaten by strangers who have turned our language inside out who have taken the clean words our fathers spoke and made them slimy and foul

"their hired men sit on the judge’s bench they sit back with their feet on the tables under the dome of the State House they are ignorant of our beliefs they have the dollars the guns the armed forces the powerplants . . .

"all right we are two nations America our nation has been beaten by strangers who have bought the laws and fenced off the meadows and cut down the woods for pulp and turned our pleasant cities into slums and sweated the wealth out of our people and when they want to they hire the executioner to throw the switch . . .

"we stand defeated America".

What's important is that, at the end of the passage, which is about the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti, the disenfranchised still stand, no matter what.

Now look, the most important part of any training program is rest. Have some fun, relax and plot revenge!



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