Thursday, November 11, 2004

Red states quaint what they used to be

There are some really funny maps flying around that show America, or what used to be America, in witty cartograms. They show the "blue" states seceding and joining Canada leaving such dark places as "Jesusland" and the more crude "Dumbfuckistan", which could be more to the point. There's a problem with all this, and it is that the South has a solid 40% that is Liberal, Progressive, or Democrat, and this demographic cannot be abandoned. Why is the South like this? Well I think it boils down to the simple fact that 140 years after the end of the civil war, 60% of White males are scared to death of black males. Now Ask yourself why they don't have the same fear of Hispanics and Asians?

Look inside yourself...find any fear there?


The Terror alert level has been lowered from Orange to Yellow...There! All better now, eh?

John Ashcroft said that the job of protecting America is finished and he can resign now. The burning question rampaging across the heartland is, "Will he take the shroud off of Lady Justice's breast now?"

The weirdest thing about all this is that the man chosen to replace Ashcroft wrote memo's claiming Torture is ok, the Geneva Conventions are outmoded and quaint, and ysed to be the Corporate Attorney for....(drum roll......)......


And you thought I was silly for wearing my tin foil hat!

Digby has a comment on the South and "middle America". I've said much the same but maybe not as well.

The problem is the same as it ever was. It's the culture war and it didn't begin in the 1960's.

It grew out of America's original sin (or perhaps it's original hypocrisy) about slavery. And it's colored our vision of ourselves ever since. It's roots are in the north south divide, but it also cuts across rural and urban, modern and traditional. It's a problem of identity,grievance and intractability. It's centered in religion and race.

This is a picture gallery. There are nearly one thousand pictures here already of people who have messages related to the election. You will find comfort, humor, and a call to action in it's pages, such as this one:

From our smoking gun department, there's this:

Last month,... the Army Corps of Engineers top contracting official, Bunny Greenhouse, said deals given to Halliburton were the worst case of contracting abuse she had ever seen.

... documents, portions of which were released by Democratic U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman...also said the State Department received information in the summer of 2003 that Halliburton officials demanded kickbacks and solicited bribes from Altanmia Commercial Marketing Company of Kuwait.

Dick Cheney has publicly stated that Halliburton received no special treatment and that "Halliburton contracts were awarded without political interference."

Well now they got a mandate to keep stealing, eh?

Riverbend sends these Hallmarkian greetings from inside Iraq:

Condolences and heartfelt tears-
You get Bush for four more years!


Sympathies in advance
For when they reinstate the draft!
We hope (insert_name_here) stays as safe as he/she can
And writes frequently while in Iran!


Bush and Cheney- what a pair!
Who said life isn't fair?
While Iraq gets tanks and occupation-
You have idiots to run your nation!


Cheer up...
Your son was too young for Afghanistan.
And it's still a bit early for Iran-
But there's plenty of time for Syria...
And he'll definitely serve in North Korea!

Do you have the courage to read what she writes about Falloojeh?



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