Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Ask yourself why Republicans are so hot to get rid of the Public Broadcasting System?

It's very simple. Politicians tend to be prostitutes who serve the moneyed interests of America. Except for Public Broadcasting, All other sources of information in America are tainted by receiving money to run advertisements. If I don't like the information you hand out to the public...I am not going to pay you for ad time.

PBS was supposed to be a media source that was not beholding to money from corporations. Simple examples of information Corportions and the information they would hate to see aired are Exxon Mobil and Global warming studies and Haliburton and the studies showing they overcharged America by five times the amount it takes to run PBS in the first place.

Do you think Fox News will run those studies un edited?

As for the tired old charge that PBS has a Liberal bias...well it seems that the

"Facts".... have a Liberal bias!


How could I let My Senator get away with such an obvious act of servile cowardice? Charlie Fincher does it well but doesn't show us that Frist has two sets of strings for his puppet show, One held by Karl Rove, who continues to cause Frist to destroy his own reputation, and the other held by James Dobson, the child beater head of Focus on the Family.

The only thing missing is that Frist does alright for himself actually. As the Republican Congress tries to cut Public Broadcasting by $100,000,000.00, claiming that they must "Save money because our Budget is out of hand" Frist is totally silent on the fact that he personally got his family business's fines for Medicare fraud reduced by enough to fund Public Broadcasting for years...

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