Wednesday, June 29, 2005

He doesn't know!

Oh boy, Where to begin?

I just couldn't watch much of Bush's speech. I kept going back to it to see if it had gotten interesting but the body language on the troops told me everything. They looked like they were being made to endure a lesson on personal hygiene from Mrs. Walton, their third grade teacher who never got married.

Biggest surprise of the evening? No spontaneous applause. Even Fox News noted that the biggest applause of the evening was started a little too late not to be obvious by Whitehouse staffers. The troops did their duty and joined in but it was lukewarm at best, and much louder on Fox than on PBS. Those of you who aren't rabid channel changers wouldn't know that.

I came away wondering exactly how ignorant Bush is, at this moment in his presidency? He seems so goofy and happy... It's like he's just reading another speech to his adoring public and then off to watch baseball, or something.

Well, we know he doesn't read papers or watch news. Karl, Condi, and Rumsfeld tell him everything he needs to know, right? Well here is something that amazes me:

George Bush's approval rating is now below 50%....

In Tennessee!

How "Blue" is that?

Other really cool poll results are pretty interesting also. The fine red states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and my gosh can you believe it, Florida, have figured out that the man driving the train is headed for the wrong rail!

Ok, I know Florida isn't really a red state if Kathryn Harris and Diebold don't get to count all the votes, but don't you think this is pretty danged significant for Jeb? I mean that "My wife won't let me run" excuse is pretty lame...He just doesn't want to get his ass whipped in the aftermath of the building anger America has towards his brother!

In the good old Southern US of A, only Alabama (sorry, Gordon) still thinks Bush is doing a good job with a 54% approval rating. People, even Mississippi and Texas have figured it out! Bush is at and even 50-50 in Texas and sliding!


America has seen this exact kind of dishonesty before, when Richard Nixon was President...and Bush is more unpopular right now than Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace.

Folks, We have to have someone to lead this country who has a clue and some semblence of honesty about where we are, where we need to be, and how to get there! Tell us the truth... we can take it.

Here's what I believe: Iraq is lost. It will continue to devour America's resources and lives as it continues to disintegrate until a full on civil war breaks out and some winner emerges, and crushes any opposition with ruthless ethnic extermination. The only possible hope for the Iraqis, is that their hatred of America grows to such an overwhelming extent that they are willing to put aside their seemingly insurmountable tribal differences, in order to focus on cleansing thier country of Americans.

The best long term hope at this point, is that American roops can retreat to the barriers around the 14 military bases we are so maddeningly constructing in Iraq because we were thrown out of Saudi Arabia.

America has been brought to this point by a strange and ultimately evil coalition of Fundamentalists: That short sighted, and unthougtful, and arrogant, and malignantly greedy group called the Project for a New American Century; The ultra right wing in Israel; and the American religious fundamentalists exampled by the likes of James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, and their operatives such as Ralph Reed.

Greed, fear, and hatred! The three pillars of a Fundamentalist and Fascist country. Is that America? I don't think so, but it is now apparent that it is the ideology of whoever it is that is pulling George Bush's strings, and that would be:

Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, together with Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, the true drivers of American policy and the true architects of the disintegration of America.

Paul Wolfowitz knows his ideological vision has proven false, as Iraq wallows in ruin and its hatred of America begins to infect the rest of the entire world's nations. Wolfowitz knows!

George Bush? After his speech last night...We can all see the truth:

He doesn't know!



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  1. Steve,
    Great post. I'll have to check out the polls in my state(FL). Maybe the 98% of neighbors I have who are republicans will wise up.