Sunday, January 15, 2006


Last night I was kidnapped, put in a car, driven far away from my beloved and protective woodland refuge into the bowels of Thunder Road, led into a chef owned restaurant and forced to eat pieces of dead duck, and that only after I had been tempted with a small plate of sea creatures followed by a few slices of a Japanese cow.

I have regrets.

One has these when forced to make unfortunate choices. I cannot remember previously leaving a last lonely glassfull of wine, that had nearly reached adolescence, still trapped inside its expensive bottle. Those who know me will tell you that I always give respect to the elderly and It was the presentation of the small green and red glass of 40 year old port, I swear, that caused me to abandon one pleasure for another. I didn't want to offend my captor, after all.

The morning is clear, and thankfully, so is my head. Careful pacing is required if one is to make the midnight journey home in safety. Last night as I stood between the car and house, I looked at Orion standing up on the cliff across the gorge. Other than Cygnus on a perfect night and the Dippers, no constellation looks so much like its name. A few discreet clouds, illuminated by the full moon, caused me to admire such a clear night that I could just make out the nebula in Orion's "sword" even in the wolf light.

Cities are curious things, filled with scared people who must have their night lights to chase away gremlin fears. On evenings like this, I am grateful for cities and their sublime pleasures. Out here, I have my own fears, but they do not include the monsters of the darkness that hide under the bed. I am afraid that one day, too many people will escape from the city and, bringing their fear-lights, they will steal Orion's sword from me. Don't they realize the price they pay, accepting an ineffective amulet for protection from a monster existing only in their imaginations? Don't they realize it is a false choice?

I guess it is the same human mechanism that drives us to trade the freedom guranteed by a Constitution for the false security of a corrupt fanaticism. I think humans can escape this false choice with awareness and thoughtfulness. For my beliefs, I prefer forget the industrial age illumination and choose the imaginary sword lighting the winter sky.



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