Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

I'm working today.

This interferes with my posting in a big way, particularly when the old steam powered connection at the cabin isn't working. This will come as a great relief to the County Commissioners, one of whom resigned over the jail issue. I hate that. I would rather they just realize that they represent all the people and not just the rich ones. Particularly the rich ones who don't even live here.

So far, none of the commissioners nor the bail bondsman have given us their side of things in the comments section. Wonder why?

The Alito hearings are amazing. Not the hearings themselves, so much, but the dichotomy between what is actually happening and what is making it into the public consciousness. It couldn't be more obvious that Alito was chosen to get Bush off the hook when the warrantless spying hits the courts. From now on, the President will be above the law. The term you will hear a lot about is the term, "Unitary President" which is another term for fascist dictator.

As we hear comments from insiders that there were "millions" of NSA wiretaps of "Bad people" we are left to speculate on why the Democrats in the Senate keep rolling over and offering only mild and ineffective opposition as the country tanks.



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