Wednesday, January 18, 2006

They're Lying

Ok, I have to do something about the flying squirrels in the attic. After I figure out how they're getting in there, I'll put metal wire over their front door if possible. I like to be aware of the night rovings of the beastie world, but I have to have a little sleep, eh?

Is it mating season already?

Have you noticed the usual suspects franticly puting the old "Clinton did it" excuse for Bush's illegal wiretaps? In addition to the blather, they're lying about it. Why isn't it some kind of crime agains tour democracy when the Presidential spokesman lies?

here's the short version:

The Clinton justice department did not break the law with its secret search of the premises of foreign spy who had worked his way into the CIA, Aldrich Ames. In doing that they realized the potential for abuse and supported a law change that made warrantless searches illegal under the FISA act, which had been enacted because of Nixon's criminal abuse of power during Watergate. Clinton never performed an illegal search or wiretap, contrary to what Scott McClellan implied. Bush did.

Here's an even shorter version:

Clinton followed the law and caught a spy.

Bush broke the law and caught....well nobody so far. Nothing. Zip. After thousands of wiretaps for which there is no judicial oversight...Not squat!

Now here's the part that troubles me...

Why did the Bush administration go to such extreme lengths to perform wiretaps without a paper trail?

That is the only thing they gained by breaking the law.

It appears that Colin Powell may have been wiretapped. Members of the United Nations may have been wiretapped. Reporters may have been wiretapped.

"These are bad people." said President Bush. "Remember, these are bad people."
Yeah, right. Bad people like Americans who believe in the Constitution!



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