Sunday, April 01, 2007

Half Truth...Whole Lie

And He's afraid of horses, too.

There's been this wonderfull little piece going round and round on the internet tubes about Geroge W. Bush's environmentaly awesome little ranch house and Al Gore's Belle Meade monstrosity. Bush's house is supposedly 4000 sq feet and sips at environmental resources, while Al's 10,000 sq ft. and gobbles up energy.

So what gives? Al Gore seems to be living the Republican dream while George seems to be living the Eco-Liberal professor's dream. How can this be?

It can't! That's the simple answer. My friends who sent me the email asked the obvious question, "Is this a joke?" and to that I reply, "No. As with anything Republican, it is part truth tortured into whole lie."

Al and Tipper could do better, of course but they're rich, live well, and balance their lifestyle with good works for the environment, including maintaining a lot of forest acres and purchasing carbon credits which more than make up for their excesses.

George and Laura making up for their excesses by going eco friendly?...Nothing of the sort. Their house in question was designed and built, as essentially a movie set, specifically to counter Al Gore's enviro cred during the 2000 presidential election.

First off, It ain't any 4000 square feet.

A CommonDreams piece on the house back in the original GOP press release day of 2001 does call George's house a 4000 sq ft enviro correct dwelling. It was constructed as a movie set for George's pressidential run, however. He had never lived there at that point and it flat out isn't 4000 square feet it is a much more kingly 10,000 square feet just like Al and Tipper's house where the Gore's actually live.

Then there's this other little detail...As any recent map of the ranch will show, there's not just one modest little house on this former pig farm, whose photogenic herd of cattle actually belong to the previous owner. There are several houses on the ranch. And through the "miracle" of a separate electric meter for the modest little Bush house, the Bush ranch appears to be a model of environmental sensitivities.


Here's the little house they use as a backdrop for Bush photos showing what a down to earth guy he is.

Here's a little shot of the ranch so you can go see for yourself. Let it all load and keep scrolling down. What do you think, folks?



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