Thursday, April 26, 2007

So, If he Stole the Presidency, Does he get to keep the Supreme Court?

The "Higher Ground Holiness Church" and the "Consuming Fire Ministry" put on a little show at East Tennessee State University and told all the students that they were going to hell...All of them. Now there's a message of love for you. Near as I can tell, the main reason was that the students seemed to embrace the thoughtful forgiveness of the ministry of Jesus instead of the hellfire, damnation, and kill people who disobey... or even maybe just disagree... paradigms of the old testament crowd. Matt Bourgault, of the consuming Fire Ministry, seems to be a particularly egregious example of the "Jesus hates you" style of preacher and the students at ETSU mostly made fun of him.

"Dude, you're 2000 years behind," the students said. "Jesus loves you, but I don't," they said. And the worst criticism of all...

"You're mean," the students said.

Preacher Bourgault ranted about his First Amendment Rights as the campus police escorted him away because he didn't have a permit to disturb campus life. After filling out the paperwork he was back and collected a crowd of about 200 students who mostly came by to heckle him back.

But there's a difference that should be noted about what the students said, they mostly quoted bible verses back at Preacher Bourgault...From the new Testament. The preacher seemed most incensed when he was ranting about homosexuals and some gay students kissed and hugged in front of him. You know what Jesus said about homosexuals don't you? Absolutely nothing. Preacher Bourgault hasn't caught on to that.

Well a few students decided to excercise their own First Amendment Rights and made signs with bible quotes and went to the Higher Ground Church and held their own "ministry". They stood on the street across from the church, quietly, smiling, and waving to people as they drove by. Several stopped and thanked the kids, and one even gave them some money. A few church members came over to the kids and said come inside and listen to the sermon and the kids said they would be happy to have a discussion of issues and differences but they weren't going to sit still and be preached to. The church members kept their kids away from the students. I figure the church people were totally not gong to let their own young children be infected with the disease of actually discussing and thinking about things. They prefer the "Do what the Preacher says...Or,

...Burn in Hell"

These are the people who give god a bad name.



Protest back


The case of Karl Rove's missing emails is taking on greater and greater importance. George Bush lost the 2004 Presidential election in Ohio. Karl Rove and his operatives appear to have stolen the election after midnight. Some of them have already been convicted and are serving time for other election related crimes, but this has been curiously uninvestigated until now. Here's an excerpt from a definitive article:

...It was in a crucial period after midnight on election night 2004 that these
paired conflicts of interest may have decided the election. As exit polls showed
a decisive Kerry victory, there was an unexplained 90-minute void in official
reporting of results. By this time, most of the vote counts were coming in from
rural areas, which are traditionally Republican, and which, ironically, usually
report their results earlier than the Democratic urban areas.

In this time span, Kerry's lead morphed into a GOP triumph. To explain this "miraculous" shift,
Rove invented a myth of the greatest last-second voting surge in US history,
allegedly coming from late-voting fundamentalist Republicans. No significant
evidence exists to substantiate this claim. In fact, local news reports indicate
the heaviest turnouts in most rural areas came early on election day, rather
than later.

This article comes from the Free Press

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  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    The street preachers at ETSU sound disturbingly familiar to the idiots that predict the spiritual future of UT students in Knoxville. They used to bring a big crowd, and a lot of criticism. However, UT students seem to have identified the preachers' insanity and quietly ignore the idiotic noises coming from them as they do the construction around campus. These people really are the "anti-christ" by definition...

    Links to video footage of UT preachings: