Friday, August 01, 2008


Unions ought not to be needed... Neither should antibiotics.

But when an organism gets taken over for the explicit and emphatic benefit of one part of what should be a team, and to the detriment of the other parts, with death as a possible result, it's time for an inoculation.

Antibiotics have their down side and so do Unions. Neither can be used without discretion or some limits and controls. On the other hand, the unfettered run of the unholy alliance of CEO's, and Lawmakers has had disastrous consequences for blue collar jobs in America.

Our country no longer has a manufacturing base. Unions were attacked nearly out of existence and now the factories, what few there are left, are closing for good. Wal-Mart originally built its brand with big "Made in America" signs that Sam Walton proudly stood next to. Then Wal-Mart got listed on the stock exchange and then Sam died. Wal-Mart now has over 600 factories in China and ZERO in the United States. No Unions, No EPA, No breathable air, and back in America, the people who work in Wal-Mart have No Unions, No retirement, No Future.

The small town retailer has gone away with Sam Walton, down to struggling local pharmacies giving way to national chains, and antique stores. Wal-Mart is the largest employer. Wal-Mart is the largest retailer. Wal-Mart is the death angel for a huge segment of America.

The folks who run Wal-Mart, now, have decided that it will be bad for them if someone comes along and tries to fix America. They've called their staff in and essentially told them to tell the employees not to vote for Democrats.

I guess if we stop Small towns from dying it will be bad for the vultures that feed on the carcasses.

One issue that has been left off the table in this Presidential race is a serious discussion of what to do about America's manufacturers. There are viable small manufacturers but once they reach a certain size, they get bought up by larger entities and the jobs get shipped off shore. Our tax structure cannot be allowed to promote such a thing, only it does. Rather than have factories that are regulated for safety and environmental cleanliness, we see our manufactured goods show up at the dock, having come from a mystery factory with god knows what kind of working conditions and environmental emissions. Along with those goods comes the bad air, which blows right over the Pacific and rains down on us with every drop of water from our skies. America pays the price for cheap labor and lax environmental controls, and only a select few reap any benefit.

Let's have this discussion, shall we?

And could all you folks who have the least bit of a Democratic tendency realize that you diminish America every time you spend a penny at Wal-Mart?



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