Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Principles for Sale...Inquire at www.McCain4Prez.Ho

There are Two stories here.

First is the sudden flip flop of John McCain's position against offshore drilling after an unblemished record of 30 years in opposition. What made him flip? He got bought.

John McCain has now taken money, a lot of money, from Big Oil. Until he flip-flopped on offshore drilling, they had not been very generous. "We don't pay for competence," Big Oil said. "We pay money to people who do our bidding...Kiss my greasy ring."

John kissed greasy rings and oily asses, and John got money. Lots of it. Everybody in the Hess Oil family gave John and the Republican party a lot of money. A lot of money, in this case, is $28,500 a piece. Not only did ten Hess executives give $28,500 each, and office manager and her husband gave $28,000 each. Not only did ten executives, an office manager and her husband give $28,500 each, a man listed as a "driver" also gave the maximum to McCain.

So, I see that you are asking yourself, "How really serious about their politics these nice people must be, since they gave more money than the median yearly income for the lower middle class neighborhood they live in?"

Um, yeah. Wonder what the "bonus" sheet looks like for Hess employees right now. Not only is this kind of thing frowned upon by the election laws in our country, but it makes John McCain a whore.

"Will Flip-Flop for Cash" the card board sign reads.

Second...You forget I said there were two stories, or did you think republicans shredding U.S. election laws was the other one? Nah, nothing special or particularly newsworthy about Republicans breaking the law. Get real.

OK, Second, is our national news media leading every story about Obama's energy policy with "Flip-Flop".

Barack Obama elaborates a studied and considerate energy policy involving his willingness to discuss drilling offshore only if adequate environmental considerations can be insured and the media starts in with the flip-flop yapping like the ankle biter rat dogs they are.

Which story do you think should be the lead...John McCain changes his policy for money? Or Obama discusses an elaborate energy policy with everything on the table?

I'm going with:

John McCain is a Money Grubbing Ho!



Update: LA Times says that McCain Flipped on offshore drilling AFTER Hess fundraiser.

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