Monday, August 03, 2009

Birthers...Traitors? Or Merely Fools?

If someone intentionally tried to thwart the workings of the United States government by fake documents and misinformation, we would normally call them “espionage agents” and try them for treason if they were exposed and caught. So what about the people who have several versions of a fake Obama birth certificate that purports to prove he was born in the Republic of Kenya and therefore can’t serve as President? Isn’t that treason?

The best of these forgeries has several versions, some better Photoshop products than others, but the funny thing about all this is that they are all so bad that they can only fool fools. The real Obama birth certificate has been released, examined, vouched for by hospital officials, and verified by birth announcements published in the local Hawaiian newspapers in 1961, a really nice touch that would be impossible to fake. So the question is not whether “Birthers” are fools, but whether those who are manipulating them should be tried as traitors to the very nation they claim their brand of virulent “patriotism” to?

Most of the websites that have sprung up surrounding this idiocy spew verbiage intended to support the birther premise and nothing to the contrary is allowed. Here is one that takes a critical thinking approach to the movement and not only blows it out of the water but makes the entire birther movement, including Lou Dobbs at CNN, look like morons.

Rather than dwell on these easily manipulated suckers, I want to know why we aren’t going after the people who are trying to destroy the Presidency of the United States of America by producing fake documents, albeit stupidly and badly done documents?

The bigger problem with American journalism is only partly that a bleached toothed tool like Lou Dobbs is what passes for a legitimate journalist in today’s media. The real problem is that real journalists, who believe in their Constitutional obligation to deliver truthful investigative reporting, have been eclipsed by bleached toothed tools who are willingly manipulated by traitors.

This is why such an obvious movement for the greater good of all citizens, such as Heathcare Reform, is having such a difficult time becoming reality. If there such a thing as Truth Police and they had the power to stop the lies, we would already have a robust public option with everyone in the United States of America having basic health care insurance. Are those who are funding the anti health care reform propaganda traitors, or just insurance industry tools? Even more to the point…Is there a difference?



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  1. And then there's this...

    "I am a Kenyan prince, and I have Barak Obama's Kenyan birth certificate, but I need your help to get it out of the country. Just give me your bank account number and I will open a safe deposit box at your bank in your name."

  2. OK - I admit it - I am a ‘birther.’ Sorry but it is not about being on the crazy train at all. Look at the entire BHO experience - and from the second he was born until today - he has been surrounded by people who seem to do nothing but flaunt the laws, the rules and societal norms. Someone please correct me if I am wrong with that one.

    But more importantly - the BHO Birth Certificate Issue is just not some silly diversion - It is a Constitutional issue - Article 2 Section 1 - is the Natural Born Citizen ‘clause’.

    Not that Obama is/was a Citizen - but a Natural Born Citizen. There is a difference. Just as there is a difference between a Birth Certificate and a Certification of Live Birth. The Birth Certificate has a raised seal, the Hospital of Birth and of course a Doctors Signature. The Certification of Live Birth - does not (maybe the raised seal). In HI, one can get a Certification of Live Birth - that will list HI as the place - but you do not not only not have to have been born in HI, you don’t have to be born in any US State (one would assume that the reason stems from the same reason the 14th Amendment exists - many in HI are not of American birth and would have to be Naturalized), there is a catch - if you are not born in HI you can not purchase property in HI [Aside, it might explain why a person born and raised in more temperate climates suddenly chooses IL to settle in].

    As this is a Constitutional Issue - Biden would not step in - this would not be an Impeachment issue (it is not Death/Disability). It would void the 2008 Election as it was illegal - Congress would appoint someone to sit until a new election was held. And I do think that this is what holds many people back from pursuing/supporting the issue - what exactly would a Constitutional Crisis do to America? The bigger question to me is What is Keeping a Person who has not proven he is a NBC or eligible under that clause of the Constitution as a POTUS?

    The ‘threat’ or specter of riots, etc should never, ever stop a Constitutional Issue from being presented nor questioned. As that is government by fear, tyranny and threats.

    Dr. Orly Taitz is an American of Russian descent and as such does not want to see the America she grew up in dragged into the same mess the Russia her parents fled from is.

    There are (many) but probably 3 main reasons Obama does not show his Birth Certificate:
    1) There is none - which raises the Constitutional/Natural Born Citizen Issue/Crisis.
    2) There is something embarrassing for him on the Birth Certificate - We have proof that he is arrogant enough to care about something as petty as that.
    3) The chaos, arrogance and control of not showing his Birth Certificate is exactly what he desires to keep a US vs Them attitude going, festering and flourishing - so that he can advance his agenda.

    It is a simple thing - Prove it (Birth Certificate) or Step Aside. But take this into consideration (yes, the lying lies liars tell in abundance in both the MSM and Congress - does not help on either side of this issue) - these people on the Left have a real disdain for the Constitution - how better to utterly undermine it than by electing a non-eligible POTUS?

  3. Every contention in Fred P.'s post can be and has been disproven. In my own voyage around the world of birther allegations, what's most noticeable is that even when proof of legitimacy is shown, birthers say,simply, that they don't believe anything countering their argument.

    Last week there was a long interview and discussion program on this issue on WBUR which illuminated the madness. If there's anything useful to come out of what the birthers are up to, it's the realization that we are living in a country where about a third of the citizens are consumed with a diffuse but over-powering anger and hatred which finds a new target now and then. These people are allowing themselves to be manipulated. Reason, evidence, love of country, respect for the democratic system -- none of these truly figure in the motivations of these folks in spite of the reference to the Constitution.

    They have monkeys on their backs driving them to destroy the very community and comity the Constitution was put in place to create and preserve.

  4. Great satire! Had me believing you were serious there for a minute.

  5. PW, you are correct. Obama gas published his birth certificate and had it officially verified. The birther response is "See, Obama won't show his birth certificate."

    The gist of this post is not to demonstrate that birthers are morons, something they do quite well without my interference. The point is that the production of fake documents in order to influence the workings of our government should be treated as espionage.

    The fake "Niger yellowcake" documents helped lead us into a bad war for all the wrong reasons. That was an act of espionage, and so is the fake Kenyan birth certificate.