Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fear and Loathing

Personally, I do not believe the rights provided by the Constitution of the United States of America should go to anything other than a person. I don't believe that at any point in American history we decided that corporations should be people. I do believe that every person in the United States should have the same amount of constitutional rights as everyone else. I consider it a serious flaw in the current manner of executing civil freedoms that we have allowed activist conservative judges to try and make Corporations into People with equivalent rights. A case currently before the Supreme Court of the United States would do just that.

I believe in limiting campaign contributions, period. I think that political campaigns are too costly and out of reach of many very good people who cannot serve in political office because they lack the massive financial backing necessary to win enough votes to their cause. The people who do get financial backing too often achieve that by becoming tools of money. Great piles of money reside with corporations in far greater amounts than with actual people...even the freakishly rich people such as billionaires. Corporations make annual profits in the tens of billions equal to the entire net worth of even our richest moguls. It is this corporate money that has made a mockery of that silly old phrase, "Government Of the people, By the people, and For the people."
If I had my way I would assign each citizen in the United States a certain amount of money that could be allotted to political campaigns. It would be rather small by current standards, say $2000.00 total. Spend it any way you like to promote your candidates. Some folks don't have $2000 to spare and some have $2 Billion. This way they would be more equal in the eyes of the Constitution, though not exactly. As it stands now, a person is limited to what they can give to a candidate and so are corporations, though the very fact that corporations and pacs can give any money to a political candidate offends me. These are not people. These are artificial creations that have no consciences. They have none of the human obligations to humanity that allow them to make moral decisions, and yet, conservatives want them to be able to donate as much money as they want to political candidates. This would allow them to game the system even more than they already do and destroy the last vestiges of humanity and morality that exist in politics. I agree there's not much left but it's all we got.

Until corporate entities grow consciences and responsibility to the greater human good...Until corporate entities can serve in our armed forces and die for their country...Until corporate entities can be jailed for crimes and executed for murder...Corporate entities must not be allowed to destroy our nation by crossing the palms of those Judases who would serve the corporate bottom line while nailing We the People to a cross standing upon the malevolent morass of fascism.

Corporate lackeys are even now disrupting town meetings, shouting down the free speech of others with venom and misplaced cries of 'socialism" in service to the corporations of industrial healthcare who feed on the people's misfortune, and at the very same moment they are crying "socialism" in the face of free speech, they are arguing the virtues of Fascism before the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

As Senate Republicans try to make the absurd case that Maria Sotomayor should not be approved to the Supreme Court because she will be an activist judge, they are applauding, at the same time, the potential actions of the worst of activism from the bench...Rewriting the Constitution to give corporations unlimited propaganda rights in the name of human free speech.

I loath those who would make this so. I am afraid of this. It will mean the end of America.



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