Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Democratic Women at Cumberland Mountain State Park

What a fun time we had at the Cumberland County Democratic Women's picnic Monday evening. There was way too much food but you'll be gratified to know that I held myself to only three deserts. One day I'll find real banana pudding like Mom made. Until then I'll maintain my quest. 

The Cumberland Mountain State Park is a great venue for things like this. Not many places have a shelter that can accommodate 250 people. In addition to a full complement of local candidates, Congressman Lincoln Davis worked the crowd and pointed out the real prize in the Fall election in Tennessee, the bully pencil that will redraw the Congressional Districts to favor one party or the other. (Next to the secret filibuster, is gerrymandering the most vile of the vile political practices, or what?)

After all the local candidates made their pitch, the headliner took over. Rather than stay up front on the other side of all that food, Mike McWherter put down the microphone and walked up close to the people giving a funny and rousing talk. He's come far enough on the campaign trail that I can now actually see him as our next Governor even if he is more conservative than I wish. 

Is it a sign that the Republicans are taking McWherter more seriously that they have their operative tailing Mike with an ever present video camera? Note the young lady in the background. Some of the "girls" had a little fun with her and herded her around by standing in front of her camera. They were good natured about it and let her do her job after a good laugh.  
Lincoln had his full team there but he's the star. 

This is the kind of political event I love. Lots of hugs and laughs. And the Cumberland County Girls can cook for me any time they want. 

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