Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shapes of Things to Come

BP promises to fix everything in the Gulf of Mexico, but having lived through (Well part way through, actually) the TVA coal waste disaster, I have personally seen how little action goes with that pronouncement.  The Marketing department spends a fortune on whitewash while the accounting department nixes all but the egregiously warranted reparations. We can look to the Exxon Valdez experience to see how it is going to go for BP victims in the Gulf.

21 years later the shrimp have finally recovered enough to support a fetal shrimp industry. There are still no herring.

The fossil fuel industry continues to receive American tax subsidies of just under $80 Billion  a year. Exxon's damage award was reduced from $10 billion to $500 million. This makes me want to bite a nail every time I hear someone say solar power has to be subsidized in order to be viable compared to coal. This is a complete falsehood.

It would seem like the first step in creating a post fossil fuel world ( which we must do in order to survive on this planet) would be to remove all subsidies from fossil fuels and put at least half of that figure toward solar power and its storage and delivery systems. What could be simpler?



  1. What really gets me is the fact that had we listened to Jimmy Carter decades ago we would be off of fossil fuels now and the Gulf disaster would have never happened.

    Maybe one day the rest of us will learn.

  2. No, but one is all it takes to choke.