Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Baby Play in the Gorge

We had three juvenile bald eagles romping in the air in front of my window just now. The adults are busy hauling food to the chick(s) and seem to be flying all times of the day. That's a good sign. The nest has been made much larger this year and is almost to its former glory. Let's hope we don't get the strong storms we had last year that blew it out of the tree. The good news is that the chicks may have fledged earlier than we thought last year and survived the blow down. There's no other explanation for there being three of them right now, since they only keep their juvenile feather for two to three years. I wasn;t ready with the camera when they twirled right up close to me. This is one of them about to land on the far side of the gorge. (Yes, Santa, I really need that 600mm nikon lens.)

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