Monday, April 14, 2014

False Rue Anemone

I wish the folks who named this pretty little wildflower had thought it worthy of having it's own name. I've noticed the small patch for several springs but somehow never got around to looking it up to see what it is. Rue anemone is certainly the more ubiquitous wildflower and is popping out in all its glory all over our woods. As far as I have been able to see, the false rue is limited to one small wetland patch beside a hemlock grove. It is listed as endangered in Florida but seems to be hanging on in most of the Eastern USA. It isn't rare but it isn't everywhere, either. It's listed as "occasional", whatever that means. Our camera died at the exact instant I tred to photograph it so here's the shot from the USDA: Here's the link Go for a walk and look aroound. This is a beautiful time.

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