Thursday, January 27, 2005


Lot's of you have written to wish me well, and now that my eyes have uncrossed enough to read, I thank you. I heard from other folks who were at the Allison Kraus concert, and there was not a bad review in the group.

I also got this comment from TennesseeJed after I mentioned that Jesus never said squat about homosexuality:

"... do not misrepresent Christianity by telling someone that a sinful lifestyle is okay."

Well, Duh, Jed, Jesus never ever said homosexuality was a sinful lifestyle! How hard is that?

I really do know better than to try to have a thoughtful conversation with a FunXtian but here is my reply:

You kinda miss the point, don't you? While Jesus specifically contradicted Judaic law on many occaisions, your argument won't walk in the first place if you read what I said.

(If you are a follower of Christ then you should do what he said about things and what he said about homosexuality was not one dammed thing! Jed, of course, quotes several passages from Paul, there by proving my point...Even back then, folks were putting words in Jesus' mouth for their own puposes.)

Today, many have put on the mantle of Christianity to claim certain things that are very unChrist like. Cristianity has fractured into so many different sects it is hard to tell the players without a scorecard, but I tend to identify a great number of them by the tendency to quote from the Old Testament while waving a cross.

Jesus' life was a reform movement, but he would be very sad to see how little of it worked.

I have taken to watching Link TV way too much. I don't know how many of you can receive it but one of the programs the show is a New York City radio show called Democracy Now. I have to say that intellectual people with rigorous thought processes often seem dull to the dim witted. If you do not want to think, Rush is far better fro entertainment, just remember, he's lying, OK?

Amy Goodman is the host and looks like she's having a bad day gastrointestinally, but she gives you the news straight and truthful, and I'm scared. This week she had on Seymour Hersch, a New Yorker columnist of great repute:

Words mean nothing -- nothing to George Bush. They are just utterances. They have no meaning. Bush can say again and again, “well, we don't do torture.” We know what happened. We know about Abu Ghraib.

Please put Democracy Now on your reading list, but for now, go there and read what Sy Hersch says about the Cult running our country:

Democracy Now


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  1. So if it was said anywhere else in the Bible besides what is written in red, then it is not to be obeyed. We just have a fundamental difference in belief. I believe the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God and you pick out the things that you like and leave the rest. However, you do seem to believe word for word what was written in red. But if you apply your logic, which says, “If Jesus did not mention it, it is okay,” then you are excusing a whole lot of behaviors. Jesus never mentioned rape, he never mentioned priests molesting little kids, he never mentioned racism, etc. Again, I am not condemning anyone. What I am saying is purely out of love. I have known many homosexuals and many of them are great people, but you can tell that these people are suffering. The reason they are suffering is because their sin has put a separation between them and God. That is what sin is, anything that separates you from God. I know a lot about sin because I am the worst sinner of all. In fact, I may be more of a sinner than most homosexuals who possess hearts better than mine. Can a homosexual be a Christian? They most certainly can because we are not justified by our actions but the blood of Jesus Christ. If it were by actions, then there would be no way that someone as wicked as me could enter heaven. I just feel that by telling someone that the thing in their life that is causing them to suffer (because it is separating them from God) is not sin, you are doing that person an injustice. The loving thing to do would be to show them what the Bible says and then tell them God loves them and he can help them.