Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Off I go, today, to indulge in my one professional sports passion...College Basketball...ACC, of course! I am scamming a free ticket, obviously. Anyway this will be short and mostly plagiarized.

I know all of you have been watching Condi get grilled. At times it was high farce. Particularly when she said all that stuff about how she "Honors the truth!" This was right after she had been nailed repeatedly for lying.

Joe Biden nailed her for giving a numerical answer that was off by a factor of thirty. That's a pretty good stretch even by Condi standards.

BIDEN: Now, how many [Iraqi forces] do you really think are trained that Allawi can look to and say, I can rely on those forces? What do you think that number is?

....RICE: We think the number right now is somewhere over 120,000.

....BIDEN: Well, I thank you for your answer. I think you'll find, if you speak to the folks on the ground, they don't think there's more than 4,000 actually trained Iraqi forces. I strongly urge you to pick up the phone or go see these folks.

Of course the number Condi used is the official lie Bush has himself told repeatedly. Sure, they have run that many through the training course but all but roughly 4000 have left. Most of these sold their weapon to insurgents on the way home.

This is much like the social security "Crisis" that simply doesn't exist. For me, this should be the smoking gun for all of America to see and come to grips with the fact that...

Bush = Lie!

Nothing Bush has said about social security will stand the light of day. Why do Republicans hate this program so much? They don't pay much of it and it has done more good for more people and is the most successful Fedeal program in history. I think it comes down to this:

Right wing Republicans are just not nice people!

I'll spare you the diatribe from the Rude Pundit, but as always, His Rudeness sees the truth through his venemous eyes:

Washington, D.C. is a city in lockdown. Over a hundred planes are gonna patrol the skies. Thousands of armed officers and military will be on the ground, snipers, undercover agents. No one will be totally trusted. Fear has formed a canopy over the capitol. There is a threat to all of us, but is it from outside the tent or inside?

Tomorrow, we will swear in George W. Bush, a demonstrable Liar, for another four years.


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