Friday, February 04, 2005

Fargo 42

OH joy! Sun's out...

Corrections go first in my world.

Regarding our local newspaper regime, I wrote "editor" when I meant "Publisher". Our Editor is , by all accounts a reasonable and thoughtful person, and I abase myself for such a grievous mistake. Sorry TL! My Bad!

There is also a difference that I did not make clear as far as individuals and the collective conscience of official entities. Our School Board, County Commission, and most committees actually have creative thoughtful people within their members...It is just that good ideas seldom get through the filter of personalities when it comes time to act.

There! Sorry for the confusion.

Wouldn't you know it? I have to fly out of town and the weather looks like it will be spectacular here after three days of gloom. I should be back just in time for the next Tennessee winter funk. The eagles went screaming by at first light. They must be hungry after sitting around in the wet for so long. The light was so deep red that the Black and white looked like blood red and black on the adult birds. Maybe that is a good metaphor for America's symbol right now?

Yesterday, President of only some of the people, George W. Bush, gave a speech in Fargo, regarding his plan for Piratizing Social Security. He lied of course, saying once again that it is headed for bancruptcy. It is not!...But that is not the outrage of the moment. No, I am outraged by something bigger than Bush's lie of the day.

The President gave a speech as a sitting president, sworn into office to uphold the constitution. I believe the constitution would be the highest law of the land and within its paragraphs is a phrase that guarantees Americans the right of free assembly. If your President makes a public appearance in the service of the office to which he is elected, the public has a right to attend. President Bush barred 42 people from his sight and sound. These 42 people were not criminals, convicted felons, or disturbers of the public peace in any way shape or form, no, what they were Dean for America Democrats! One is a respected City Councilman of the town in which the President was speaking, and has every right to attend any public event in her own town.

These people have become known as the Fargo 42 and symbolize what is wrong with Bush America but not in the way you might at first think.

Bush did not want anyone there who actually knew the arithmetic behind his pathetic plan to destroy Social security and that is the reason for barring those people, but there's more...

I have given this some thought and I believe it is part of an overall pattern that clues us in to the depths of the sickness affecting the Presidency. George Bush os so fraglie that he erupts in anger when he is not surronded by suckups!

He stormed out of a press conference when he was asked a question that had not been preapproved, shouting, "Keep those Mother F------s away from me!"

He keeps himself isolated from any protest. Did you see the inaugural parade with its dogs and machine guns and armoured vehicles surrounding the President? He and Laura got out and walked a few feet so that photos could be taken but they jumped back into their armoured car and sped away when a few protesters shouted at them.

President Bush has never, not once, allowed himself to be questioned publicly in this country without haveing reviewed and approved the questions beforehand.

Not once has anyone been allowed to publicly question his outrageously false numbers on Social Security...because he is lying! And he is insecure, and he is very very afraid of the truth.

This is from Democracy Radio:
"News of the Bush blacklist of dozens of citizens from a Fargo, North Dakota speech is as frightening as it has become routine for this Administration. To blacklist a local citizen because he produces a radio program at odds with the political agenda of the White House is dangerous for Democracy.

This Administration cannot promote freedom and liberty abroad while banning our most fundamental freedoms here at home. The pattern of stifling those voices that do not represent conservative orthodoxy has chilling implications for our Democracy.

Consider these recent cases:

A man is arrested and charged for holding a small “No War” sign at the January Inaugural.

The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq is ejected, arrested and charged while attending a rally for Laura Bush in September.

Across the country, citizens are removed from public sidewalks because “the President had requested a federal protection zone."

The greatness of this country lies in our constitutionally-protected freedoms and liberties. To attempt to ban those freedoms here at home hurts every American."



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