Thursday, February 10, 2005

When Big O's Collide

Go outside and listen to the frogs! That's an order...Anytime the weather gets up to fity five or so, thye start talking trash to each other in nearly any place that's wet. It can be a puddle or a true wetland, they don't care. A frog gotta do what a frog gotta do! I suggest a nice glass of Pinot Noir and a comfy chair, like the ones they sell for 7 bucks at the big boxes. Talk about a nice interlude...And don't think you have to come all the way out here to get close to amphibians, although you're welcome, They are all over the place if you listen for them. Thing is you do have to slow down and listen for them.

The frogs have time, do you?

Of course right now it is snowing so they are temporarily hiding, waiting until the Tiki lamp gets lit. Soon we will have toad song again!

Be ready!


Come with me now, as I take you back in time. I have a time machine, you know! Well, actualy we all do, but you can only can't touch anything. That's just as well, and before you get to thinking I'm having a little something extra in my morning coffee you should know that our time machine is just a good old telescope. What we are going to do today is look into the sky at a bit of light that is just geting here from 180,000 years ago.

So, more than 180,000 years ago, a binary star pair got too close to the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Binary pairs can be thought of as two big balls on a gravitational string. They swing around each other in co-orbit. These two got tugged into near space around the black hole that keeps the Milky Way Galaxy working and, as they spun closer and closer, they were whipped intop faster and faster spin around each other until the string broke. One star flew into a death spiral around the black hole and the other star was whipsawed completely out of our galaxy...180,000 years ago.

We don't actually know what is happening right now because a telescope will only look back in time, not the other way. But now you can read the actual news story and understand how hard it is to write science news in today's climate of studied ignorance. We have religions built on a creation that is only 6000 years old, so none of this can be true, right? And one of them is our President?

Space Story

I've been enjoying this little fued between Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olberman. I take no sides in this spat except to note that O'Reilly, being an assinine lying pervert and even worse, an assinine lying conservative, tends to be assinine and lie a lot. Other than that I'm neutral. Let the chips fall where they may...Loofahs and falafels, too!

"I won the national punting title for my division as a senior." O'Reilly concludes that "I guess you could say the end zone was the beginning of the no-spin zone."

Olberman thinks this "ain't necessarily so!" Well, OK, what he really said was, "He's Lying!"

Adam, Adam, Adam....You have finally come around to realizing what true friendship realll is. Condi loves our European brethren. I believe there was this one comment though, from the Minister when he said, "The European Community is the world's largest Democracy, thank you very much..." implying that the U.S. did not need to explain democracy, but rather practice it! But hey, we're all friends here, right?

Go read Fanaticl Apathy. The last few posts are more than satirically piercing.

Fanatical Apathy

Giblets and Fafnir, rock in a satirical parallel universe, where:

A partisan hack gets planted in the White House press corps and the verdict of the mainstream press is that this is AWESOME! Let there be an end to all objective news coverage! Let a thousand Foxes bloom!

Uh??? Wait a minute...That's no parallel Universe!

OK, this is the funniest and best writing in the Blogosphere. And there's some great stuff out there. You have to read this one just a bit to get into the swing:


Peace out!


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