Monday, February 14, 2005

Good, Randy...Bad "Lincoln"

I had a big rant all typed out yesterday...there is so much to be outraged about...and then I just hit the delete key, went outside and refilled the hot tub. It's back up to temp this morning and I am headed out there for a hot soak in the rain...back in a bit, saving the world can wait a few minutes.

Our boy, Randy Button, has gone big time... After Howard Dean got elected head of the DNC. There was Randy, right on CBS, saying nice things about Howard being endorsed by the NRA eight times as Governor of Vermont.

Amazing stuff going on in Congress right now.

Wall Street has committed almost $400,000.00 to lobby each Senator and Congressman to Piratize Social Security, that's $200,000,000.00 total, for you Liberal Arts graduates. I'm sure they only have America's nice old people's best interests in their greedy little hearts.

You folks know how agitated I am about the Piratization of Social Security...Check out this speech from Joe Crowly, Dem from NY:

"Mr. Speaker, the House has become the 109th Congress on a bad note: We are considering a bill with almost no meaningful debate, and it proposes to represent a solution to a problem that simply does not exist, a problem the record shows does not exist. Does this action foretell what lies ahead in terms of the existence of bipartisanship throughout this Congress?"

Exactly what should be said about Social Security's non-existant problem! Only this wasn't about SS at all, this was about a bogus reform of the Congressional Gold Medal Enhancement Act. This is one of the wierder things Congress is spending its time on, and there is money involved from big donors going to the supporters of this turkey.

Make sense of this, will you:

MBNA Corp: $41,750
$41,750 to Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE]
Morgan Stanley: $16,000
$16,000 to Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE]
National Auto Dealers Assn: $10,000
$10,000 to Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE]
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals: $7,500
$7,500 to Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE]
DuPont Co: $7,000
$7,000 to Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE]

Here's the reading!

So one of the few Democrat supporters of this gobbler is none other than my man in Washington, Lincoln Davis, who just made what must have been some agonizing personal choices this week.

After much soul searching he voted to commend the Palestinian people, the Ukraine, and the people of Iraq for conducting a free and fair, democratic and transparent presidential election...

Nothing I can find commending Americans for a free, fair, democratic and transparent presidential election...go figure?

And then Lincoln, ostensibly a Democrat, voted for this little jewel:

WASHINGTON -- February 10 -- The House of Representatives voted 243 to 179 today to reject an amendment that would have stripped section 102 from the "REAL ID Act of 2005" (H.R. 418). The bill, as passed, would empower the Secretary of Homeland Security to

waive any federal laws, without limit,

in the course of building barriers along the nation's borders.

Are you scared yet? Does the phrase, "waive any Federal laws, without limit" bother you just a little bit?

Quick, name the man who Lincoln Davis just voted to give the legal power to have your children tortured, raped, and killed?...Nope, it's not Tom Ridge...It's Michael Certoff, who may become the only man in America who can violate all Federal Laws with impunity.

Hey Lincoln, Aren't you supposed to be on the "Checks and Balances" side of this Armageddon?

Why are you voting with the Republicans? For that matter,

why are the Republicans voting for this one?...

have we already suspended the Constitution completely and I missed it?

Anybody got a brain up there? Lincoln, For God's sake, read this stuff before you vote on it, Will you?

Lincoln blesses the evil deed...Fafnir writes the satire:

Courage, Folks, We have a long road ahead.


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