Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The race is on...

The great Race is on!

There is a growing public awareness, not only of the abject incompetency of the Bush Administration, but of the maggoted corruption infecting the crucial institutions that hold this country together. Bush plays the Judas goat, bleating, "Terrorists!" while his minions infect and destroy the very core governmental systems that absolutely must remain functional in order for us to protect ourselves.

While making public speeches saying they are only involved in wiretaps which target "foreigners" calls, Bush knew full well that General Michael Hayden was using the National Security Agency to carry out illegal domestic spying. Not only that, but the actual technological sying was being handed over to private corporations.

Think about it...the powers of the Central Intelligence Agency are being handed over to your telephone company by President George Bush.

The illusionists now controlling the Fifth Estate, the people who hold the sacred duty to expose corrupton and tell America the truth, have become fat addicted prostitutes, complicit in the sleight of hand required to pull off the county's enslavement to corporatists.

When our media should be agast at Orrin hatch using the NSA to spy on his political enemies, they have instead gone apoplectic at another drunken Kennedy wrecking his car.

When our News programs should be headlining the bribing of high CIA officials with hookers and wondering if they are being blackmailed at the same time, we read instead about hispanic terrorists marching in our streets in the guise of immigrants searching for a job.

When our once trusted and respected newspapers should be exposing the wanton disregard of the Bush Administration for the highest law of America, the Constitution of the United States of America, they are instead announcing the capture of the number two man in Al Queda...for the third time...which will turn out to be false news and Osama seems to be doing just fine, thank you.

When they should be laying out the incredible web of scandal after scandal by the GOP, they prostitute themselves into merely printing GOP press releases claiming Democrats are mired in the Abromoff scandals too, which is a singular and transparent lie.

So the Great Race is on!

The race against time for the Republicans...The race to see which happens first...

The time when enough people in America figuring out exactly how corrupt the Republican party has become...

Or the time in which the offices of American government have become so corrupted, sold out to corporate entities, that justice will become a myth....Replaced instead by the voracious hunger of entities that will never stop eating until there is no more food.

Food? That would be You, America!

Good Bye,



And the media should be reporting:

.....In 2001 Verizon, along with CACI (a defense contractor shepherded by Abramoff that heavily contributed to the GOP), was awarded part of a multi-billion dollar NSA contract to privatize the NSA's information technology systems, capabilities that were then used by the Bush Administration to carry out illegal domestic spying. This massive privatization of NSA was managed by its Director at the time, Gen. Michael Hayden. As part of that ten-year program, code-named Project Groundbreaker, NSA surveillance systems continue to be developed, operated and maintained by private sector IT companies...

.....The surveillance mechanism of privatized intel agencies, along with allied foreign intelligence operations inside the U.S., have been used for domestic partisan advantage and private gain. In return, GOP-allied contractors have been massively enriched by inflated defense and counter-terrorism spending. This is a criminal conspiracy that the FBI is only now beginning to break up after years of obstruction by the GOP. It's a criminal subversion of the political process that threatens the constitutional basis of the American republic.

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