Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What if...

What if we had an honest electoral system in this country? And an Honest Supreme Court?

In 2000, the Supremes merely said, "Time's up...The information you need to prove that Al Gore won Florida has been successfully hidden for long enough that the final buzzer has sounded and George W. Bush will now be given a Presidency he was not voted into by the American people."

That is essentially what happened, even though the Republicans have been on a massive public relations campaign ever since to hide that fact. Bush was given the election by a few hundred votes because only certain precincts were recounted. Had a recount been done over the entire state, Gore would have won by a few hundred votes....A few hundred votes.

Katherine Harris became a National figure because she used a list to purge nearly 90,000 voters from elegibility by proclaiming them felons. Some 60,000 of them were democrats and had never been convicted of anything. Their name was put on a list by a government contractor at the behest of republican officials. They weren't notified until they tried to vote and were turned away.

...A few hundred votes decided the election...wrongly. It was stolen.

(The proof is down below in Greg Palast's piece.)

But what if Al Gore had been elected? Well he was but he wasn't inaugurated, but what if?

Leave it to the comedians to present the truth.Here's the transcript from his Saturday Night Live appearance last weekend:

"Baseball, our national pastime, still lies under the shadow of steroid accusations, but I have faith in baseball Commissioner George W. Bush when he says, 'We will find the steroid users if we have to tap every phone in America.'

Here's Gore's opening speech last Saturday night:

Saturday Night Live

Al Gore is going to be the next President of the United States. Friend Matt said it first...




How the Grinch stole the election...Really!

Greg Palast:

"I first ran across these guys in 2000 in Florida when our Guardian/BBC team discovered the list of 94,000 "felons" that Katherine Harris had ordered removed from Florida's voter rolls before the election. Virtually every voter purged was innocent of any crime except, in most cases, Voting While Black. Who came up with this electoral hit list that gave Bush the White House? ChoicePoint, Inc."


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