Friday, September 21, 2007

Betrayed Us...22 Democratic Senators

So what choice do Americans have?

The United State Senate voted to condemn for an ad that called General Petreaus the same name used by the troops serving under him., "General Betray-Us"

We should use that name for the 22 Democratic Senators who voted for this incredibly cynical resolution generated by the party of a President who retained undeserved power, in part through the actions of the most offensive ad campaign in presidential history.

A moral observer must watch these proceedings and think, "This is the same group of people who refuse to condemn the Swift Boat ads which, far from just offering opinion, told plain out lies to attack John Kerry."

Where is the resolution condemning lies of that nature?

How about a resolution calling for truth in campaign ads?

How about a resolution condemning lies spoken before Congress?

How about a resolution condemning abject the abject hypocrisy of 49 Republican Senators and the moral cowardice of the 22 Democratic Senators who cravenly supported this idiotic and blatently pandering piece of dung thrown in the face of the American people?

Be Strong, America!


MoveOn responds

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  1.'s generally just depressing to think about the whole thing because heck..nobody listens to us. Great soccer shots!