Monday, September 10, 2007

Tennessee Stud

I think that's going to be the slogan for the Freddie Thompson Campaign for President.

It's a lot better than the one under his picture in his high scholl yearbook:

"The lazier a man is, the more he plans to do tomorrow."

Freddie has trouble managing his money and his women. As Senator he wrote a note to Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff stating that he "shares the President's taste in cigars."

Apparently "cigars" is code for something else.

Freddie has taken a look at the Bush Presidency and decided he can read lines better than that, so why not? Reagan and Bush have proven conclusively that you don't have to pay attention or even stay awake to be a Republican President.

Only Democratis Presidents actually try to govern the country... Who needs that?




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  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    That's the only redeeming political quality Fred has, he can read from the script. The PNAC loves that.

    One of the things that has weakened Bush so dramatically is that he's illiterate and can't speak two sentences without stumbling over his own tongue. Freddie wouldn't have that problem.

    Our saving grace is that he has little chance of winning the Repig primary. Giuliani is well ahead of Fred in Pig popularity simply because Fred isn't quite dirty enough. He's dirty like they all are, but nothing compared to Rudy or McCain.
    Keeping in mind the moral turpitude of the average Republican voter, they have always picked the person who's character is the very worst.
    Nixon, Reagan, Bushes, .... save perhaps Bob Dole, they haven't nominated a decent human being since Lincoln.

    The GOP will surely favor an incestuous pervert like Rudy, a lying cowardly thief like McCain, or a Religofascist like Romney before they would nominate the slightly cleaner Thompson.