Sunday, September 09, 2007

Now Playing...Osama's Greatest Hits

Word from the Middle East is that Osama Bin Laden will release his video tapes from prior to 9-11.

Boy! America is really got the terrorists on the run, right?

Ok...I write a "lefty blog" and I admit that. I feel like I can be labelled a "lefty" because I insist on the facts instead of the republican administration's marketing phrase of the day.

"Mission Accomplished"

"They hate our freedoms"

"The Surge is working"

"Weapons of mass destruction, Saddam, Al Queda, Blah. blah, blah..."

Whatever. Speaking and demanding that others speak the truth. An obvious "lefty" tendency.

If you believe anything the Bush Adminstration says, you need help, but I'm a lefty because I want the truth.

Now I find out that I'm helping Osama...and now, I'm the same as Osama...

How the Hell does David Brooks come up with something as stupid as that?

Actually, I think David Brooks is a creep and a liar. (he's the PBS commentator who said that lefty bloggers are the same as Osama)

PBS has been headed by a Bush appointee for five years now and it shows. We used to be able to trust what was said on PBS...even if it was said in the most incredibly boring manner possible...It was the truth. Now we have to be careful.

Osama Bin Laden is the mastermind responsible for the 9-11 tragedy, the younger brother of George W. Bush's first business partner, and the enemy of every patriotic American. George Bush should be fired for severe incompetence in not apprehending Bin Laden and David Brooks should be fired for lying on national TV.

Lefty Blogs, such as this one, demand the truth...facts...Justice, and the American way.



Meteor Blades got me started!

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