Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Short Car Ride...

I've followed this Iraqi girl's writing from inside her destroyed country for a couple of years now. When my President stands up in front of a camera as he did yesterday and says, "We're kicking ass!"...I know the truth because of what she has written.

My President is a liar.

The Iraqi girl's blogger name is Riverbend, taken from a poem she herself wrote in better times. After a lifetime lived in war torn Iraq, she has escaped to Syria. here is her story:

How is it that a border no one can see or touch stands between car bombs, militias, death squads and… peace, safety? It’s difficult to believe- even now. I sit here and write this and wonder why I can’t hear the explosions.

I wonder at how the windows don’t rattle as the planes pass overhead. I’m trying to rid myself of the expectation that armed people in black will break through the door and into our lives. I’m trying to let my eyes grow accustomed to streets free of road blocks, hummers and pictures of Muqtada and the rest…

How is it that all of this lies a short car ride away?

The complete essay is here. It paints a picture far different from the one of our moronic "We're kicking ass!" President.


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