Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Looking Glass

Politicians see the world differently from you and me. Their Looking glass is the Pollster.

I find several interesting things in recent polls, even as I rant about how Progressives should drive opinion rather than be driven by it.

First off, even as certain women rail about sexism defeating Hillary, Obama has a 13 to 19 point lead among women, and the only age group he doesn't lead is older and white. Make of that what you will.

Obama also leads McCain among Blue collar workers and Hispanics, and quite contrary to what you may have been led to believe by the headlines, McCain is behind in both Catholics and Independants...Yes, I did say, "Independants".

Another interesting poll item is that more people consider themselves Independants than Republicans. Self identified Republicans are down by a huge percentage to almost exactly the 28% of the people who still approve of the job President Bush is doing., which leads one to ask the obvious..."Who are these people?"

There is a lot of other stuff and more fun.

Democratic Congressman Denis Kucinich, along with several cosponsors, has introduced Articles of Impeachment against President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Congressional leaders have kept saying that they are just too darned busy to make the President obey the law because they are busy passing laws.


Some laws they are working on busily and some other things caught my eye this week that I thought I'd pass along, particularly this little Congressional Bill buried in the long list of legislation that keeps Congress too busy to deal with Impeaching the President and the Vice President...

H.R. 5938 - To provide secret service protection to former Vice Presidents

Gee...I wonder why that is so important to get passed asap?

The same Congressman (Conyers) is all over Bo Diddly, too:

H.Resolution - A resolution regarding the passing of Bo Diddley

And then there's this one:

H.R. 4749 - National Bombing Prevention Act of 2007

Reckon they are talking about preventing, "Bomb, bomb, Iran"?

Let's hope so.



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  1. Anonymous7:24 PM


    According to TGW "Hillary can still win"!!!!
    :D :D

    Thank God she won't even be the VP. Finally, we get a clean break from decades of madness.

    As for McSame and the McLames that follow him, LOL is about all I can say.