Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Real 'Ritin'

My good friend Susan, whom I've never met in person, got herself a real job. Relax, it will be ok, I think.

Texas has the weirdest Primary system going, and is apparently the state for masochists of the political persuasion. They have a Primary AND a Caucus. This year, Hillary won the Primary and Obama won the Caucus bigger. Several folks have pointed out how bad the Texas system is and several folks have pointed to the Texas system and said. "That's the way it ought to be."

I dunno, but it sure seems like fun. With a Primary, you drive to where ever and mess with a machine and go home after saying hello to several people who don't want to tell you how they voted. With a Caucus you drive some where and get into an argument and everybody knows which side of the room you are eating your cookies on.

So anyway, Susan has this job where she has to write things for money. I'm jealous! I have several friends who write things for money and I don't do crap and make more money than they do. It ain't fair. Putting an actual thought down on paper so other people can recognize it when they see it is a real talent. We ought to have to pay people for sharing their talent with us and we dang sure ought to have to pay for what the talent produces , especially when it chisels out a picture in our heads. I mean, when someone can take a bunch of squiggles and arrange them so that someone else gets a case of the big strong tough man sniffles just from looking at the squiggles, that's talent and it deserves a good meal and a place to stay...Back rub included, front rub optional.

We get some of Susan's stuff for free, meaning we don't even have to look at advertisements for blue pills or Ann Coulter's newest collected regurgitation of things a normal person can't stomach anyway. You just click and read and It might help you to appreciate the stuff you have to pay for if you go to the free place first.

Susan just seems to toss off the best of Texas Snark at and makes it look effortless. But then she gets wound up and let's go of the propellor and off she flies. That's when she's having big Fun in Texas and you better go take a look, and be sure to look at the ads 'cause that's how you pay your way in, even if you don't have to buy anything.

Me? I can hear that guy in the high dollar suit grab the microphone and yell..."Let's get Ready to Caucuuuuuhhhsss!"

I'm ready.




  1. Steve - I'm in Austin and getting ready to go to the pre-caucus party tonight. Already I gotta tell ya - there's some wimmen here who give "mean old white women" a bad name. Goodness sake, there's some sour grapes here. Me? I'm gonna stomp those grapes into wine!

    Thanks for your nice words. Working ain't all that special. It requires ... well, actual work.

  2. I lived in Texas for 17 years. I was an election judge and Precinct chair. Texas has a strange system but it absolutely rewards people who want to get active. My sweetie and I loved it. We went to two state conventions and met lots of neat people like Molly Ivens, Jim Hightower and John Henry Faulk. The whole country needs the Texas system. The bad rap this year came from a triple than normal turnout and some people who did not really understand the system.