Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Pet Frog

A blogger friend has gotten into raising frogs.

Well sure, me too, in a pond in the yard, where we raise them by maintaining natural habitat and watching nature take her course. Becky is raising, or I should say "keeping" which is the official naturalist term for it, Poison Dart Frogs.

I doubt if she plans to harvest the poison and become an assasin or anything like that. For one thing, poison dart frogs don't have any poison. They are concentrators. They have to eat a tropical variety of poisonous ants, concentrate and store the venom in their skin in order to have any poisonous juice, so don't worry.

Whatever you think about slimy amphibians, you'll be forced to admit that these are stunningly beautiful. Take a look.

I have a pet frog too....Here's Hendrix.

Peace Frog,


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  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    "Here's Hendrix"

    Left handed even. :)