Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Quote of the Day

Tina Fey:

"I want to be done playing this lady Nov. 5," Fey said at last month's Emmys. "So, if anybody can help me be done playing this lady Nov. 5, that would be good for me."

I have another "quote of the day"..."Kill him!"

That is the crowd response to Sarah Palin's incitement against Barack Obama. Sarah Palin and John McCain are losing the Presidential race and they are losing big. America is finding them to be unworthy of leadership. By this last action we see that there is more to this than just not being up to the job...They are appealing to a sickness in American society.

By all accounts Barack Obama is an extremely good and kind person. He faced incredible odds as a mixed race child and overcame them, excelling at sports, academics, and achievement in his personal career. He became head of the Harvard Review, which is a stunning achievement at the Harvard Law School for anyone. Obama turned down big money job offers at New York law firms to return to the community in Chicago and serve as a community organizer to bring people together so that they could face their challenges together. We have tales from people who have met Barack over the years and they are all good and wonderful stories of kindness and helping strangers. As part of his good works, Obama agreed to serve on a Chicago schools forum at the request of Mayor Daly. It was unpaid service for the good of the community.

Sarah Palin and John McCain have no record of kindness coming to us from people who know them. McCain has an evil temper and a foul mouth. His humor is mean spirited and ugly. Palin is a winking liar as her whopper about that bridge to nowhere shows. She didn't build the bridge...She just kept the money. Neither of them has a clue about what to do to solve any of our nation's problems.

But something uglier and more sinister is coming from the McCain campaign. Incitement to cause harm. What is in the character of a person who would lie about another's character? Palin speaks the words well crafted by her handlers that attempt to assassinate the character of a man who, up to now, has done as much good in this world as he could and who wants to do more. They want to make us think that Barack Obama is a terrorist. It's a lie...They know it.

Here's another quote of the day. This one is older than the first two...

"Thy shalt not bear false witness against thy fellow man."

PHD Professor William Ayers was appointed to the same Board as Obama in Chicago. They taught at the same University. Ayers was an activist who made bad choices way back in the 60's when America was fighting and losing another bad war...This one in Vietnam. He joined the Weather Underground to fight what he saw as a government gone crazy. he was never convicted of anything except bad judgement. Barack was 8 years old at the time. Ayers turned his life toward more positive avenues of correcting society and today, is a leading authority on inner city schools and is a noted author of hundreds of significant academic articles and 16 books in the field of education. Yep! Sounds like a terrorist to me.

How dare Barack Obama teach at the same University as this man! How dare Barack Obama work with this man who turned his life around from one of destruction to one of hope and building up and working together.

"Kill him!" said the man standing at Sarah Palin's feet, as she smiled and winked at the crowd.

This is the level to which John McCain has sunk. I used to think well of him, but I was mislead. It was all an act. Now...McCain is a fountain of nastiness and sickness and I am very afraid of what he and his followers are capable of.

I know that McCain advocates the destruction of Social Security, bombing Iran, dangerous confrontation of Russia with the possibility of starting World War III...I know that he plans to gut Medicare and Medicaid to pay for his tax cuts for rich people. I know he has turned from a strong defender of the Geneva Conventions to an advocate of torture. But what are we seeing John McCain become now?

John McCain has turned his life around just like William Ayers did...Only, in the opposite direction.

America must be saved from the sickness that is Sarah Palin and John McCain and all of the bad things they represent.

We have 4 weeks to work to turn our country away from the dark period in American history that is the Bush/Cheney administration. If McCain wins...We could well look back on the Bush years as the good old days.

Stand up for a good man to be our next President...Barack Obama.




  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    This is the most disingenuous post I have ever read:

    Barak (aka Barry) Obama was raised by a white mother and white grandparents. By all accounts he had a very nice upbringing. So...why does he completely disregard his "whiteness" and continually play on his "Blackness"? He is no more black then he is white and that, I think, makes him a racist.

    Barak Obama did not just sit on the same board with Ayers, he was, in fact, hired by Ayers to distribute money from an Annenburg grant to various charter schools for the express purpose of indoctrinating students in Ayer's and Obama's radical politics. Obama also held his first foray into politics event at Ayer's home. So, spin as you will, but they, were and are, much more than mere acquaintances.

    William Ayers is not someone who made a mistake in years past and has redeemed himself! He is, in fact, an unrepentant domestic terrorist who was not convicted and sent to prison for his deeds because the prosecution was derailed by a technicality. He had the opportunity to redeem himself on September 11, 2001, however took that opportunity to spit at the deaths of over three thousand people. A pretty sick character by any stretch of the imagination!

    The Greatness of this country lies in the fact that we are all free to express our opinions. That freedom, however, comes with much responsibility and that responsibility includes presenting one's opinion in a factual, respectful manner.

    Please take heed!

  2. I feel sure that Tina cringes every time she pulls a cutesy little move like Palin's on SNL. Palin is a total slap in the face of intelligent women everywhere.

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Both factual and respectful....wow, what insight! With over 80% approval rating in Alaska I guess that make practically the whole state a bunch of imbeciles!

  4. Let's see...Looks like the trolls have come out from under the bridge.

    Actually, Palin's approval is dropping steadily in Alaska and is nowhere near 80% anymore.

    Obama's politics are certainly not radical.

    Radical would be someone wanting to destroy Social Security, gut Medicare, and eliminate Medicaid in order to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. You know, like say...John McCain does.

    And grow some courage and sign in so we can tell the anonymice apart.

  5. And just so the rest of you know...Walter Annenberg was a lifelong Republican. This was a Republican funded program that Obama was working on.


  6. Anonymous6:56 PM

    "Let's see...Looks like the trolls have come out from under the bridge."

    You are absolutely pathetic and certainly not respectful...like most liberals.

    Barack Obama is a radical, having the most liberal voting record in the senate.

    As far as your comments about destroying medicare...blah, blah, blah...that is even more ridiculous than your original post. FACT: 1% of the taxpayers in this country pay 95% of the total taxes already. And guess what Obama is advocating "Tax cuts" for those who don't pay any taxes to begin with so he is lying because his plan is not a tzx cut, but another nanny state entitlement program.

    Of course Annanberg was a Republican and that had no baring on the Ayers fiasco. Mr. Annenberg's foundation destributed funds which in turn distributed them to many entities. I may be a libertarian/conservative, but I am not a complete idiot. You should find other sources other than the lying pack of disengenuous creatures at the Daily Kos.

    Signed -
    "Minnesota Nice" - which by the way is very close to going red this year.

  7. Anonymous7:03 PM


    If it's not radical politics, why sit in a church and listen to Wright say "God Damn America" when as a sitting US Senator he should have stood up and said "No Rev. Wright, God Bless America"
    The Senator has the right in America to say what he feels, and I'm glad that my Grandfather, Father and both brothers have served in the armed forces to protect the right of free speech so Reverand Wright, Ayers, and a sitting US Senator can denigrate our country and the citizens who served it and served it well.
    Since you have done such a good job exercising your right, how have you served our country? What is your contribution to the union?
    With freedom comes responsibility, you should exercise it.

    Gail Score

  8. Attack the source not the facts. I guess that's all you got, Anonymouse.

    And last I checked, Al Franken was looking like he may kick out your Republican incumbent senator.


    And here's some more Liberal media backup fro NPR:


    Give it up, Troll. You're going down!

  9. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Whatever...I did not attack the source until you started name calling. It appears you do not, or cannot, have a civil discussion, which is why, it appears no one reads this blog.

    From Minnesota with LOVE!

    Peace to you too!

  10. Anonymous11:35 PM

    to anonymous,