Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cat Bird in the Garden

Every year brings surprises in Whites Creek Gorge. It is most likely that we just notice things anew that have been here all along, but bird behavior is a volatile thing, adjusts for weather conditions from year to year. I saw my first black throated blue warbler yesterday, comfirmed by a friend who also saw her first in her yard a few miles away. I had no chance for a picture of the black throated blue nor the black throated green warbler I saw a bit later. The yellow throats are regulars at the suet feeder along with the pine warblers. Habitat means everything to a bird species. New this year are the brown thrashers and the cat bird. It's not that they are uncommon elsewhere but that they tend toward scrub thickets and transitional areas. They don't hang out in deep forest all that much and that's what we have around the house. A pair f thrashers seems to have taken up in the brush pile that didn't get burned by our small field and a cat bird has discovered the raised beds in the garden.

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  1. I now can tell the differences between certain male cardinals by the length of their tales. Makes me feel a little smarter.