Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yellow Throated Warbler (Update)

I think this is the most beautiful bird in the gorge. This one is fluffed up a bit, but when they slick everything back and display for the girls it can be amazing. I watched one collect dandelion fluff for the nest. Indescribable and awesome!

A good friend came over to take a bird walk yesterday, but they chose to be nearly silent during our hike. We sat by the creek and listened to some obvious old friends, kingfisher, cardinal, and finally a black throated green warbler. As we were heading back we heard a call that was familiar to me but that I had no idea of its source. I have been refering to it as the "chewy-chewy" bird because the last two bits of the call sound like "chewy-chewy" to me. Guess what? Click here to listen! Scroll down to see the song button. Does that sound like the chewy-chewy bird to you?


  1. It is hard to see these birds here. All our warblers hide behind the leaves of the trees.

  2. We live in the trees, so we get eye level sightings. When full leaf out hits we will hear them more than see them. Really nice for now.