Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hon. Lincoln Davis

Hey, Lincoln!

I know you have lots to do up in Washington, like voting to pass a resolution calling on President Bush to call for a year of studying languages, which is obviously some kind of in house joke that I don't get. I mean it's pretty obvious that George W. Bush aint all that big on studying a foreign language since he can't even speak English all that well. Oh yeah, and my son got admitted to college anyway after the University agreed to waive the foreign language requirement because our Tennessee school system doesn't provide it. So this must be a good resolution for you to vote for it and all, but would mind getting on to another little resolution that's sitting on your desk?

This resolution could be a big deal about saving America and helping Democrats. You remember Democrats don't you, Lincoln? I mean you don't vote with them all that much but that is your party, isn't it?

Anyway, this resolution is

What do you know about Jeff Gannon?

Hey, I know he is a gay hooker but he got into the Whitehouse in a big way.

His ad on a gay hookup site says, "I leave impressions, not marks!" Now it would be a lot of fun to work on that nice visual picture of Gannon, whose real name is James Dale Guckert, giving fence post rides to high Whitehouse officials, but actually that isn't the problem,

unless you consider blackmail of high Whitehouse officials and heads of foreign governments to be a problem.

Nope. The real problem is that Jeff Gannon:

1. Announced the Iraq invasion four hours before the President did,

(That one bothers me more than any of the others for some reason)

2. Was given access to classified CIA documents.

3. Was the source for outing a CIA agent (an act of treason in this case, not the "outing" we usually think of in Jeffy/Jim's case)

4. Was the source of stories planted by the Bush Whitehouse in his role of Fake Newsman at Fake News Agency, Talon News, run by Boby Eberle, who publicly thanked Karl Rove for his "guidance"

5. Received Whitehouse Press credentials under a false name, gaining access to the Whitehouse and President Bush, who called him by his first fake name at Whitehouse news conferences.

and, (this is a juicy one)

claims to have "entertained" British Prime Minister Tony Blair on a Whitehouse visit.


Here is a Gannon- Karl Rove timeline that fascinates me. Karl Rove is an evil, evil person.

Tommy, 2002 is for you:


And here is the big compedium of all that would make you want to puke about this whole sordid mess. Keep this reference.

If you would please sign the resolution, Lincoln, it could come in handy:


I mean just a little bit of your time taken from promoting languages, put toward saving America, would be a big help, and I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Lincoln, old Friend,


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