Thursday, March 17, 2005

I hear the voice...I first heard it in commercials for Ronald Reagan...and the voice said,

"It's morning in America," deep reassuring sonorous tone.


I heard the same voice many times in later years, mostly fabricated in the same manner. Bought and electronically produced. It is not a real voice. No one actually speaks that way. And the voice nearly always lies!

It was not "morning in America" even though we now have airports named after the figure head Reagan, a formerly poor actor, in money as well as finance. He could be dressed in fine suits and paraded around as if he were alive. And when he had served their purposes, they made him rich by buying his house in Texas for ten times what it was worth and having him read a short paragraph in Japan and shake some hands for two million dollars and some Ramen soup.

As his presidency wore on, they hid him from those who would ask him questions. He could not answer them...he was senile and could not remember his lines.

Correcting that problem in our current Presidency, the folks who run America do not let George Bush answer questions either. No one gets to ask him anything his keepers have not decided upon beforehand. This way only questions they want answered get asked, and they have time to train their performing monkey to answer in tones that are carefully modified by the "sound man." Listen to him talk, why don't you? Every time he speaks, you will hear the sound of the same public address system used in the largest of Baptist churches. It is the sound of a small weak man and it is transformed, not by the majesty of grace but by the science of electronics, into the voice of God.

Listen to the "voice". It is deep and reassuring..."It's morning in America" it says, as the snows of Kilimanjaro melt forever away.

"It's morning in America" it says, as the Antarctic glacial shelf warms and breaks away forever in pieces the size of small countries.

"It's morning in America"...As the glaciers of Alaska recede to uncover barren rock that hasn't seen the sunlight since Mastodons walked upon it.

"It's morning in America," ...As more of the oldest life forms on the earth fall to the lumberman's saw..."Salvaged" says the voice..."Saved" says the voice as the three centuries old trees are dismembered and hauled away on trucks.

Then the voice changed...

"Be very very afraid!" it said.

"Some mean men ten thousand miles away might hurt you."..."Give us all your power so we can protect you!" The voice told us.

The factories that pay for the voice will kill or make sick well over a hundred thousand Americans every year but four years ago some mean men killed less than three thousand Americans so we must fear these invisible men.

The voice said so...

You will be sleep, my minion, sleeeeep...It is the wicked Witch of the West, but she sounds nice, she must be nice, hear how nice she sounds?...sleeep, my will be morning in America again...just give us everything, give us everything... and it will be all right.

Don't worry about anything...except stearoids in baseball, Michael Jackson's sex life, Robert Blake gets away with murder because she deserved it, Go vols, you'll never see a polar bear, who cares if one more piece of the earth as god made it will be destroyed so you can drive to the beach one more time before that oil is all used up and you have to destroy another piece of creation to feed your craving and then we'll just destroy another piece, and then another, but the masters will be rich and your children will be sick but it's allright because you'll be safe from whoever it is, I forget now, and anyway....says the voice....

"It's morning in America!"




General J.C. Christian:

...Somewhere behind me I heard someone yell, "That man's a Negro!" Things weren't looking good.

Then you spoke. You said, "I want to boldly affirm Uncle Tom," and the mumbling stopped....

...We know that Uncle Tom won't beat us up, but somewhere in the back of our minds, we wonder if he might not steal the silverware. That's why I think you should modify your message by asking the black community to embrace Steppin Fetchit...


Press Secretary Scott McClellan officially confirmed that the White House is blowing off the Government Accountability Office's finding that prepackaged administration video news releases constitute illegal covert propaganda. – Dan Froomkin,
Washington Post

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  1. verr fine post, sir. tiz almos poetry the way ye used repetishun of the line 'mornin in amurka.'