Monday, March 21, 2005

Wow, the first day of spring was more than glorious. Of course I believe every day is glorious no matter what but this one was "gloriouser" than most and I have a little bit more extra sun damage to my well weathered countenance as a result. I heard the Replacements movie line from a friend yesterday, "Pain goes away, chicks dig scars, but glory lasts forever!" and I couldn't help but think, "chicks don't dig wrinkles."

Poor Annie! Stuck with a wrinkled old man who thinks he's a kid and still can't remember to put on sun screen.

Issue fatigue has set in on this one but here it is:

The Terry Schiavo case is being played out in the grandstands, as both sides make their case over and over ad nauseum. I hurt for all of the family, though I know what my decision would be if I were in the family's position. Before I tell you here are some facts about the case:

115 doctors have personally examined Terry. Not one of them disputes the diagnosis of "persistant vegetative state."

Not one!

Getting two doctors to agree is difficult enough, but 115? What this means is very simple...The thinking, feeling, human being that was Terry has died. Though her body can be preserved for a long time by artificial means, Terry doesn't live there any more.

There have been a number of doctors who have stated that Terry was NOT in a persistive vegetative state. Not one of the doctors that have made this statement has examined Terry personally...

Not one!

There is a word for doctors who do things like this...


The body of Terry Schiavo has been lying in a hospital bed for 15 years. Every competent doctor that has seen her has decided that the part of that human body that was Terry died 15 years ago. Every medical test and procedure confirms this... and folks believe me, there are a tremendous number of medical tests and procedures that allow doctors to invade the human brain and dissect it electronically and microscopically...

The doctors know, with certainty, that Terry has "Left the building." Her body is capable of low level reflexive mucle movement which her parents, unable to let go, interpret as "Terry".

My heart cries for them, as I have done the same thing, looked down upon my mother's body lying in a hospital bed at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, wanting her to be alive after a brain anuerism...but she wasn't. Twelve years later I still miss her, and I know the Schiavos pain. I question their decision to prolong it. it would be quite possible for them to age and die with Terry's body still hooked up to a feeding tube, and then what?

Terry's husband could end this controversy immediately with one act. He could divorce Terry. This would leave her parents to their unending nightmare and he could go on with his life. Michael Schiavo has actually already done this, go on with his life that is. After years of grief, he has a new reationship and even two young children. Think what you will.

I have no answer for you although I know what I think. I would let Terry's body die. The problem is that Terry's husband wants closure and release...Terry's mother and father want her back. I do not think both things are possible. What I do know for certain is that the political forces on both sides are driving this for their own purposes.

Let us realize that this should be recognized as a Tragedy and not an issue.

Neither Terry Schiavo's husband, nor her parents, are going to be happy. Why can't they just seek relief?

"In a memo distributed only to Republican senators, the Schiavo case was characterized as "a great political issue" that could pay dividends with Christian conservatives, whose support is essential in midterm elections such as those coming up in 2006."

...said the memo, which was reported by ABC News

Senator from Tennessee, Bill Frist, you are scum for what you do! You looked at a videotape of Terry and made the statement that you do not believe she is in a persistive vegetative state.


President George Bush, you are scum for what you do! As Governor of Texas you signed a bill into law that would allow hospitals to pull the feeding tubes from patients like Terry...

to save money.

Ken Campbell has good thoughts on this combination of tragedy and outrage:

Do these Senators have no shame? Is the pursuit of a political agenda worth using a family's pain and torment for political gain?

It's all here:


Allright, let's go somewhere else...I belated Saint Patty's day frivolity, this one came in the email from Susan:

The Coors rep, the Budweiser rep and the Guinness rep go into a bar. The first orders a Coors Lite, the next orders a Bud Light, the Guinness rep says

"Well then, In the spirit of brotherhood,

bring me a glass of ice water too."

Now for an alternate Creation theory...required teaching in Cobb County Georgia:

...Now naturally you will ask "Mr. Fafnir well where did all these leprechauns come from?" Well they were put there by a giant leprechaun, or macroleprechaun as leprechaun scientists say, on account of leprechology is too complex to have originated without giant leprechaun intelligence. The macroleprechaun controls all gravity through the universal leprechaun field, but we can't see im cause he is too big! Wow!...

Dare you to read:




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  1. You are kinder to the Schindlers than I am! The length of time Terry Schiavo has lain on that bed weighs heavily in my view of the family.

    Very glad spring is there. It's here too -- much too fast for the work which needs to be done outdoors. We're in the middle of one heckuva rainstorm right now (tomorrow Tennessee?) and I swear I can see the leaves growing when I stand, frustrated, at the window, wishing I could get a jump on the garden before everything grows beyond control. They say that on the southern plains you can actually see the grass growing. It's true!