Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In the Middle

America must eventually face up to its national tragedy... We are a Nation of middleschool children.

We read just below the eight grade level and work at Wal Mart or its equivalent.

We are mad at Congress for trying to raise the minimum wage.

We are angry at Judges who rule that it's OK for anyone to marry anyone they want to.

We think it's OK for Congress to pass a bankrupcy bill written by the credit card industry.

We think it's ok for Congress to take millions upon millions of dollars from corporations, make a big show of stomping up and down at the Mexican border, and pass a bill that actually subsidizes a marketing firm in its efforts to outsource and offshore American jobs.

We think the Oil companies NEED a 6.5 Billion dollar tax break but we can't afford 17 million dollars in research for the medical treatment of the traumatic brain injuries tens of thousands of our troops return from Iraq with.

Half of us think not only that Saddam had WMD's...but that we actually found them.

Most of us don't realize that the cost of a college education has gone up 50% since Bush has been president and that Colleges are in financial difficulties because our tax money has been diverted to the war effort.

Most of us work hard at our jobs and believe in our hearts that we are middle class...but don't realize that the middle class is fading away as the rich get filthy rich and that nice man at the counter at Wal Mart has to work a day and a half to pay for one tank of gas.

There is a National election coming up in November. Six years ago, politicians went to factories to talk to the people...Now they go to Wal Mart. That's where the middleclass works now...



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