Friday, August 18, 2006

it's morning in America

I saw Zach Wamp's ad on the TV yesterday morning.

Zach is the Congressman from Chattanooga who promised to limit his own terms in the House to 12 years. He was swept into office in 1994 with the infamous Contract for America. He's actually been better than I though he would on local issues, but has marched along, eyes right and goose stepping, to the Bush agenda nationally.

He voted for the Iraq war.

Voted to destroy Social Security.

Voted to eliminate estate taxes for the richest people on earth and against raising the minimum wage for the poorest. (raised his own pay $35,000 a year at the same time)

Voted against Stem Cell research.

Voted to ban Family Planning funding for US aid abroad.

Voted for No Child Left Behind...maybe the most misnamed government program ever!

Voted for a new world record in deficit spending and the greatest debt ever achieved by one Nation.

Voted to borrow more money from foreign governments than any Congress in history.

And it goes on.

Zach's ad was slickly done with strong and smaltzy music playing in the background, in the "It's morning in America" sort of way. it's fairly obvious that Republican leadership thinks it has to keep the public believing they are winning the war on terror for a couple of more months.

There's a problem though...Even republican voters think the war is FUBAR!

Think about this number...63% of Republicans think Bush has made some mistakes or HUGE mistakes in Iraq. That means that even most republicans don't believe it when they see Zach on TV looking all sincere and telling a child that her daddy is fighting in the streets of Iraq so that he won't have to fight in the streets of America. I can't find one reputable international analyst who thinks that terrorism has been reduced by our actions in Iraq. The Insugency is stronger than ever, more organized, and better funded.

The actions of America and Israelhave done one thing more than anything else...George Bush has proved he is a "Uniter" after all. Unfortunately it is the Islamists that have been united. Israel just got their butts whipped by a guerilla force in southern Lebanon as a result. Put that together with the fact that the Insurgency in Iraq (they call themselves "Freedom fighters" BTW) now numbers over 60,000 fighters and an equal number of support personnel and the perceived invincibility of the USA is toast.

So Zach...With a near perfect record of supporting the worst president in American history...Is it time to rethink your term limit pledge? After all, this is the year you make yourself out to be a LIAR.



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  1. The scariest thing to me? Is that there is still a percentage who don't think Dubya has made a mistake. Or that he's an idiot.