Thursday, August 17, 2006


We live in a screwed up world. Consider this:

Which of these two acts do you find offensive?

Making a baby...

Killing a baby...

Now ask yourself which of those two acts would create the most moral outrage and retribution if a simulated and fictional event was shown on TV?

Uh huh...See what I mean?

Now let's imagine a a TV show on current evolutionary science. You won't have to imagine the blather and bombast that would follow because it happens nearly every day on OP-Ed pages across America. FundXtians rant and rail against the imaginary evils of plain old information every time there is some perceived insult to their own imaginary world. Far worse, actually, is the calculated attack on science when there is some inconvenient truth (to coin a phrase) that could possibly depress profits of some major corporation.

The Endangered Species Act is often in the cross hairs of corporatists. They want to be able to destroy anything that lies across the path to money. Can't let spotted owls stand in the way of clear cutting one of the last remaining stands of old growth forest with all it's diversity and wonderment...there's money to be made. Does anyone ever stop to think that what we are doing is allowing the conversion of capital from one form to another? From the works of creation to the works of man? And like all processes there is an unrecoverable loss that occurs...Never again will that forest stand on this planet. The destruction is forever.

I remember listening to a speaker talk about his beliefs on how god speaks to humankind. I thought he was being simplistic at the time but now I think differently. He said that god speaks to mankind through many different channels, mentioning the written words of the Torah, Quran, and the New Testament. (I personally think of those as second hand translations of spiritual things but I'll let that be for now) Then the man, Robert F. Kennedy jr. said something I completely and totally accept...That man is spoken to and informed by all that is in the world, whether that be the geological information contained in a plain old rock, or the biological and genetic information contained within an old growth forest, and with that, I found a basic and unquestionable truth. maybe the most basic of all truths and one which is constantly denied by a coalition of forces struggling to maintain power over planet earth and all it's passengers. There is more information contained in a handfull of dirt lying in an old growth forest than has ever been written in all the religious books on this planet.

What arrogance is this of man who denies what is written in the majesty of the millions of micro organisms simply because he doesn't understand? Or more damning, because he is ignorant!

Roughly two thirds of the cells in a human being are not human. They are symbiotic microorganisms much like those living in good healthy dirt. I find it incredibly funny that we as humans are the minority in our own bodies, but I digress, so here's my point...

Humankind cannot, in the long run afford to lose any of the life forms on this planet. There are few living things as vilified as the scorpion and yet scorpion venom is now the precious stuff of a cancer remedy for brain tumors. This medical miracle has been written in scorpion venom for millions of years and we have been to uneducated to read this "word" until now.

I believe that it is this "word" that has the potential to be humankind's salvation if we are to survive on this planet, and it is through Science that we will become able to read the words of creation. We cannot save ourselves until we accept that the destruction of our environmental heritage is the same thing as destroying creation's word...Until we as a race understand that and act such as burning a bible may be an insult, but that burning a science book is blasphemy in its most malignant form.



Scorpion Venom

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