Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cafe vote delayed until September

Congressman Ed Markey has withdrawn the Cafe mileage bill for this term of Congress. It's not dead, they just ran out of time.

I figure they were spending way too much time on other things to pass the CAFE standards...Spending time on things like...

Not Impeaching Gonzales, Cheney, or Bush.

Pelosi said she supports the Senate-passed mileage measure and that the
issue would be addressed when the House and Senate bills are merged, probably in

"The American people in every region of the country overwhelmingly
support stronger fuel efficiency standards" for motor vehicles, Pelosi

Markey said he also was confident that "our strength in both the House
and Senate" in support of raising the auto fuel economy requirements for the
first time since 1975 is sufficient to assure the measure will be included in
the final bill sent to the president.


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