Saturday, August 25, 2007

Randy Made Me Do It...

I've had another project to occupy my time lately, but before I give you the link, I want to share my latest outrage.

Forbes is not exactly a liberal bastion. It appears that even Forbes has had enough.

"Congress gave more than $30 billion to rebuild Iraq, and at least $8.8
billion of it has disappeared, according to a government reconstruction

"After I voiced my concerns about what I believed to be accounting
fraud, Halliburton placed me under guard and kept me in seclusion," she told the
committee. "My property was searched, and I was specifically told that I was not
allowed to speak to any member of the U.S. military. I remained under guard
until I was flown out of the country..."

You can skip the intro if you look around for the button, but even if you have to watch it, this story should make you angry...

Americans are torturing Americans who try to blow the whistle...And our government knows it, and lets it happen!


And now here's RoaneViews

Randy made me do it!

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