Friday, August 03, 2007

Is It Time, Yet?

Lots of us have driven over that bridge.

I worry about my friends and have looked at the pictures with relief. I haven't made any phone calls because I figure the folks I know in Minneapolis are making lots of calls to each other right now and don't need me cluttering up the lines.

The ramifications of this particular bridge collapse are far far greater than the tragedy we watched on CNN last night.

(I can't watch HLN anymore even though it covered the event also...Glen Beck is an American tragedy all by himself)

In the last 6 1/2 years we as a nation have borrowed 3.5 trillion dollars and thrown it down a rat hole. Not one thing about our nation is better. Not one. We see news clips of sorrowful faces on sorry politicians sharing our sorrow, but nobody thinks this administration has even a wisp of a clue of what to do. These are the same CEO's and corporate masters that take over a perfectly good company and cut maintenance and training to save cost and make the bottom line look good, while they enrich themselves. These are the same people who order cuts in workforces, send jobs overseas, and then head out to the golf course with smug satisfaction...The same people who order our fighting troops back into Iraq with no armor, and no helmet liner, and no plan, and then go out with the secret service for a bike ride.

These are the same people who stand before the cameras and swear to defeat our enemies who have harmed us and them send somebody else's son or daughter over the cliff which is Iraq, while at the same time they stand before the podium in Congress and filibuster tobacco legislation that would save at least some of the 400,000 people who die each year of tobacco related illnesses.

These people have not been doing their jobs. When someone can't handle their job and the company suffers, it is time to let them go. We can call it by whatever name we wish and simply say the usual things like, "Left to spend more time with his family."

Or we can call it what it is...Impeachment.

The enemies of America are not outside the borders of this country. They are here in high positions. They are incompetent.

Is it time, yet, to fire them and get on with fixing this country?



Minneapolis Speaks For Us

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