Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fred explains electoral and economic theory...It's all about the pendulum, or something

So Republicans are always promising prosperity and economic growth...Only, it ain't necessarily so, Right, Fred?

"You know, you look back in history... whether it's been in the 20s or the Reagan administration or the Kennedy administration or this administration, when you've lowered taxes and lowered tax rates, you've got economic growth. I mean, everything depends on economic growth."...Fred Thompson

Well, Fred...not really! As an actual researcher points out....

"In other words, Republican presidents produce poor economic performance because they're obsessed with helping the well off. Their focus is on the wealthiest 5%, and the numbers show it. At least 95% of the country does better under Democrats"...Washington Monthly

Also: ...if you make less than $150,000 a year, Republicans are your friends only one year in four. (That fourth year would be... Election Year...And then you're screwed for three years)


And then there's this...Susan gets email about the White House Thanksgiving Dinner:

....we'd start off with crow, sour grapes, trickled down crumbs, face-blasted cronyberry sauce, waterboard crackers, and pained-looking tight-lipped very neat serving of Condi rice pilaf.

More at: KissMyBigBlueButt

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